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Hawaii Five-0 "Aloha Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi (We Need Each Other)" Season Premiere Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This was not one of my favorite cliffhangers of the last seasons, but it ended up being one of my favorite, if not my favorite season premieres. It reminded me why I love this show so much. The intense action in almost every scene, but still a story line going through the whole time.

Starts off where we left off and that was a smooth transition into the new episode after the "previously on" part. It did take me a few minutes to realize that we were in the new episode, though. I still don't understand how Steve managed to get out of there alive and managed to capture an attacker that survived, but just barely. Steve was really out numbered, but some how managed it. But because of him getting an attacker alive, it sets off a whole other story line that Steve is not aware of. But Wo Fat will not answer Steve's question, even at the very end he still won't.

So, little does Steve know that while he's interrogating the bad guy he captured, his whole headquarters is being over taken by gun men! Chin somehow manages to stay hidden for almost the whole episode trying to figure out what they are after. They take something from the computer, but blow it up afterwards. We do learn that they want the bad guy that Steve has and will do anything to get to him and so Steve finally gives up and goes up there and little does he know that they just want to kill the bad guy. What was this whole point of breaking in anyways? Well, we don't know yet, but now Catherine gets involved and not in a good way. The guy that was in charge of the team breaking into the headquarters kidnapped Catherine and tells Steve to get him his guys back or else she dies! You know Steve, he won't stand for that. Even if it means breaking prisoners out of jail. Which does not put them on good terms with new comer, Chi McBride - Swat leader Grover. 

It all ends well, with the four or five (can't remember how many guys there were) guys end up getting killed in a major car accident. This whole thing did not make sense at all until the very end. When we learn why they were in the building to begin with. They wanted to get Kono and Adam's location! Now Kono and Adam are in major trouble in the middle of nowhere. I love that they are still in the show. I wasn't sure how that was gonna play out. I do love the actor, Chi McBride, though. Even though it seems like he might play a bad guy. But most of the things I've seen him in, I end up loving his character. Catherine gets out fine, too. But man, Steve is a little crazy with trying to get the last guy caught! Jumps up on the helicopter all to get the guy with them shooting at him! But he got out fine, too. Thank goodness.

Steve and I were on the same page with why Doris saw Wo Fat in prison! We both thought that Wo Fat might be Steve's brother! He has Max do a blood match and see. But we don't know how it came out, yet.

Did you love the season premiere as much as I did? Let me know in the comments below!

To see more promo pics of the episode, go here: We Need Each Other


  1. Great writeup on the episode. It's my favorite show. I watch it with my 11 year old son every week. I figured that there was some blood relation with WoFat. Someone suggested to me the other day that maybe Wofat is Steve's sister's father (I forget her name). That would be interesting. Steve is losing his patience with Doris.

    1. Never thought about the father thing for Steve's sister. That could be another solution. But I am thinking it's more the brother thing because why else would Doris be apologizing for killing WoFat's dad?


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