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My TV Obsessions....

Everybody has their show that they are obsessed with and I watch quite a few shows, but I do have the ones I'm obsessed with and can't wait to watch when new episodes or a new season starts. So, here are mine and the first one for those who check out my Facebook page might know the answer already.

Why Is It My Fave Show?:

Because of the mystery, suspense and somewhat scaryness of the show. Though sometimes the show is a little too scary and I don't like that, but I love how each episode follows each other and the cliffhangers are amAzing! I've learned to love shows that throw twists in it and this show definitely does that, especially with that season finale where we find out who -A was!

Up Next Is:


This show has been recently added into my top fave shows. Didn't really know what it was about, but my Mom started watching it and I caught glimpses of the show (sometimes sat there for the last few minutes even though I had no clue what was going on) and fell in love with this show! Reminds me of Eagle Eye (remember that Shia Labeouf movie?), but with a different twist to it. The story line is also on going and sometimes changing and the people they help can sometimes surprise you and that's what I love about this show. Season 3 starts soon on TV! Season 2 just came out. Still in season 1 since I started late.


Graceland is another new addition and USA has given it the right slogan: It's your new obsession. The show is so intense with a story line/twist that you did not see coming. At least, I didn't. Each episode gets better and better and now I believe more then one character's life is in danger because of what they are finding out and are getting close to finding out. Whoever is the creator of this show (I believe it's the same guy who wrote White Collar) did an amazing job at creating this show. If you love a show with twists and turns and you don't exactly know who to trust sometimes, then this is the show for you and that's why I love it! 

So, there you have it. The reasons why those are my top fave. Sometimes the other two shows changes. Depends on the episodes and stuff I watch that week. But most of the time (at least for right now), they are like that. Pretty Little Liars has and will until it ends be my fave show. So, now that you know why I love these shows so much, tell me why you love some of your favorite shows (try not to post spoilers, though, please). :)