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NCIS: LA "Ascension" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This wasn't as exciting as I was hoping for. Mainly because I already knew that Deeks and Sam survived because of what the official Facebook page posted and I wasn't too thrilled about it. Who else thought it was weird that they let us know that they spoiled the cliffhanger or is that just me?

Anyways, let's talk about the show. It starts off where we left off, but this time we see Kensi first. We don't even seem Sam and Deeks until a few more minutes into the episode. They let us know that Kensi saves Michelle. Well, Michelle saves herself. Wow, she's a strong girl! Anyways, they get away from those crazy ladies who end up both dying. 

The one thing I didn't understand was why they didn't save Deeks and Sam from the warehouse when Granger and Kensi went there? They gave them bullet proofvest, which was a really smart thing to do. Was it because if they took them, it would blow Michelle's cover? 

They all get out fine. How Michelle knew they had vests, I don't know. Maybe Kensi told her before they split up because she shot Sam and Deeks! 

It looks like Deeks is gonna have a really hard time with what happened to him. Well, he was tortured, so I don't blame him. Especially when the dentist at the hospital needs to look into his mouth. Could this be the last straw to let him become a full agent though? There was some talk about that. I hope so! And I hope this means he's not leaving the show. He's my favorite character, so I would not be thrilled about that. Why was he mad at Kensi? Was it because he just felt awkward around her after the kiss or was it because she didn't take him out of the warehouse the first time she came?

Can not find the name of the bad guy that is after Callen anywhere. They have him, but it's a long complicated story how he gets away. I was wondering throughout their whole plan why they would send him out there just by himself when he's betrayed them so many times. How gross was it that he cut off his own skin just so that they can't track him anymore?

Even though Hetty told Sam to stay put at the hospital, he doesn't listen to her when he learns his wife is in trouble. Major trouble. But how did he and Deeks save everybody else after what they had been through? Deeks looked like he was gonna pass out any minute after getting up to the roof, too. But I guess he just wanted to be nice and save them no matter what. Too cute that it looks like Sam finally respects Deeks as an agent, well, cop, but yeah I think he'll become an agent soon. Hoping, anyways.

Kensi is the reason why Deeks was able to hold on through his hard time! How sweet was that moment they had with that? Glad we finally had some humor in the show when Sam gave Deeks a present. Though, Deeks did not find it funny. I think it was a little too soon for it, but still, it was good that they are trying to cheer him up and stuff. Poor guy has been through a lot. But I really hope nothing too terrible happens to him mentally because he's my favorite character!

Can't believe I forgot to mention that we jump ahead 4 months and they somehow capture the bad guy and why Callen didn't just kill him, I don't know. But they get him to jail and Callen made a special trip down there just to see it happen! The bad guy threatens Callen that he's gonna escape.

Did you guys love or hate the season premiere? Let me know in the comments below!

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