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NCIS "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I'm sure almost all fans are feeling the same way I am. I am so not ready to say goodbye to Ziva and having her not in the season premiere made it that much harder. But it was so cute that we might actually finally have a Tiva moment after all these years and it's because they no longer work together!

The episode first starts off 4 months ago. Glad they are filling us in on what happened between then and when we saw Gibbs somewhere with the military guy shot. Richard is seeing Clayton and doesn't sound too happy about certain stuff. But that's when the excitement of the show starts off with a bang! They are having a huge meeting of some sort or something in a hotel and after Clayton walks in, it blows up! Clayton somehow made it out alive, though. How, I don't know. Maybe he wasn't in as far as I thought, but yeah.

That was the first of many hits the poor NCIS team gets. And Gibbs has no clue because he was sent to Iran to do something that I can't remember. Tony is the one who gets hit first, in his apartment. He's on his way to go on an airplane to see Ziva, but then gets shot at! Next (I believe, it could have been McGee next, I can't remember), it's Ducky and Jimmy who get hit in the morgue. Then Tony tries to get word to McGee about throwing his phone out and he does, but then sees a mysterious van after that. But thank goodness Fornell is on the case and saved McGee from whatever would have happened to him.

Gibbs is now back when Richard is the one that ends up saving Gibbs from an attack in Iran as well and that's when he learns that he and his team is in danger. 

I loved the episode, but there were somethings I really loved. Mainly one being is that Jimmy seemed to have a pretty big role in the season premiere. I hope this means something? I love his character and hope we get to see more of him later. Then I loved how Tony and McGee were working even though they weren't really agents. McGee has a girlfriend or just a friend. That wasn't really confirmed. But you could totally tell Abby was jealous when she saw McGee and the girl together. Not sure how I feel about her, though. I'm wondering if she's bad because that always happens to poor McGee. Oh and the one thing I really loved was the chat between Tony and Ziva and the return of Kate the fish! :) Also, I wonder if Richard might become part of the team somehow? Though the team did not give him a warm welcome. I don't blame them one bit, though, after what he's done to them. There's a new temp right now, his name is Murray. Tony and McGee do get their badges back. I think they both missed their jobs, but Tony seemed to be bored without it whereas McGee looked like he was doing fine. Military guy is the one that ordered the hit on Gibbs' team, I believe or was involved with the bombing or something to that effect. He was involved somehow, just can't remember. 

I'm not really sure if the reason why this new guy is after them was clear or not. If it was, I might have missed that part. There was a lot going on and hard to keep track of and I'm still not fully sure of what was going on anyways. His next target is Ziva and they are trying their hardest to find Ziva who looks like gets away from some bad guys that were after her. Even those this episode was kind of confusing, it was probably one of the most exciting season premieres of the show so far and one of my favorites of season premiere week!

Did you love the season premiere as much as I did? Let me know in the comments below!

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