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Saying Goodbye....

You know, it's hard to say goodbye to some of your favorite shows. But I'm glad when they end and don't get cancelled. But it's still hard either way. Here are some I've had to say goodbye to over the years of my tv watching. 


Anybody remember that show about the obsessive clean freak (I mean freak in a nice way) that was on USA? Sadly it was one I had to say goodbye to a few years back. But they did excellent on their send off. Ended a long a waited case that gave everybody closure. 


The show about two brothers. One was a big time FBI agent and one was a big time math professor and combined, they were able to solve some pretty tough cases. This show was awesome and different then the normal shows that was on at that point and it was sad to see it go even though when us fans were watching the finale, we didn't know if it was coming back or not (they hadn't made up their mind). But for not knowing, they did an amazing job at ending the show. 


Now this show was the hardest for me to say goodbye to. Mainly because it was my favorite show at the time and Superman was and still is my favorite super hero. The 10th season was the best and the finale was beyond amazing! Finally got to see our beloved super hero in his outfit and fly! Just making me talk about it makes me want to watch the whole series over again. 

Wizards of Waverly Place: 

Yes, I know I'm a bit old for Disney shows, but I still love them and this one was my favorite Disney show and different from all the other Disney shows on then and now. But this show had a great cast and the cast had amazing chemistry with each other. The long awaited who got to be the family wizard episode finally happened in an hour show and I love how they concluded it and did a separate send off with Alex vs Alex. Which also ranked high on Disneys viewings that weekend. 

Lizzie McGuire: 

Another show that was hard for me to say goodbye too. This was before Wizards. So at the time it was on, it was my fave show on Disney who just happened to have my fave celebrity in it (Hilary Duff - who I later got to see live in concert). I felt like this show ended too soon but they made a movie out of it afterwards so that helped a lot for some diehard fans. 

Lying Game:  

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this show was unfairly cancelled and got replaced. Sure the main story line had basically ended and we learned who the killer was (no surprise there) but still with the cliffhanger they left us, it sure would have been nice to at least have a short half season to conclude with. 

Make It Or Break It:

I loved this show! Mainly because of the gymnastics but it also had an awesome story line. Up until one of the main girls had to leave which I thought wasn't that great but still. It was good at the end as well and had the perfect finale. 

Burn Notice:

And now for the last show (for right now - I have a funny feeling that Psych will be next) that I have to say goodbye to soon. Well, not soon soon because my mom and I decided to wait until all the episodes were recorded and have a giant marathon of it. I'm glad we did that because the closer we get to the shows ending, the harder I have a time to say goodbye to it. For those who have been keeping up with it, the shows finale is September 12th.