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Suits "The Other Time" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Don't you just love these episodes that go back in time and we learn more about the characters? This is the second time they bring us back in time in this show. I can't remember how far in time we went the first time. I wanna say like 5 years or something like that. This time we go back to 10 years.

But let's talk about the present time first. How awesome was it seeing Harvey's name on the door? However Donna was not thrilled at all that Harvey didn't tell her before hand that he got promoted. We do learn that Donna has been off her game a little bit because she's been with Steve and Harvey has noticed it, too. Because according to Harvey, Donna would have known about it even if he didn't tell her before hand and he's right.

They finally win the case with Ava! Man, that took forever, right? They learned that the so called witness that Cameron had didn't really exist and so they were able to throw that out and win! I can't remember all that went down through that, but yeah, it was cool they finally got through it!

I really hope Rachel does not leave. That'd be so sad! Mike is still not thrilled about how he learned of her getting the interview and all Rachel wants him to do is be happy for her. I'm not sure how that story line will play out, though. I'm really hoping she decides to stay if she gets accepted.

So, let's go back 10 years ago. We learn that Harvey and Donna have always worked together and that Cameron actually used to be Harvey's boss! He went to him after something happened at Jessica's firm, is what I'm assuming happened. But then to make a long story short, with the case Harvey was working on, he learns that Cameron hasn't always done the legal way of solving cases and decides to leave and join Jessica again! But there's a catch for Jessica, she has to hire Donna, too. Louis acted the same way then as he did now when he saw Harvey's name on the door. We also learn that Harvey and Donna both liked each other, a lot. But they decided since they worked together that they can't do anything about it, I believe. We also met Harvey's dad. I liked him and liked the old Harvey. I wonder how he became the way he is today? However, I do not miss the old Mike. I like the new Mike way better. We learn why Mike was never able to go to Harvard. He was accepted! But because he sold test answers to someone, they got caught and he wouldn't let his friend take the blame. But the person they sold answers to ended up being the principals daughter! And he made it so that Mike could never get into Harvard! In the present time, he decides to tell Rachel that story.

Oh, forgot to say that in the present time, Harvey finally admits that he's jealous of Donna and Steve! If I remember correctly, didn't Harvey tell Jessica about his plan to take her down? I remember her being very sad when she found that out seeing as she just promoted him. I'm not sure why he still plans on doing this. I mean, he got what he wanted, right? But maybe it's because he either wants his name just on the door or he doesn't want to be in partner with someone else besides Jessica. 

Did you love or hate that episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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