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Castle "Time Will Tell" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

"This just became my favorite case". That's what Castle said of this awesome new episode that premiered on Monday. And I don't totally disagree with that statement, either. It was pretty awesome. 

A guy is claiming to be from the future. Was he really? Well, that wasn't really proven, though they hinted that it was the truth a couple times towards the end. According to the guy, he calls himself Simon, he was sent down to help keep Shauna (the murder victim) safe, but was too late and now he ends up having to save someone else who would later save the whole earth (according to him) and some scary looking guy is after this poor high school student.

I totally thought throughout the whole episode, they were gonna give us a logical explanation, but they decided not to this time and I believe with the few hints they gave us at the end, that they were making us believe that Simon was telling the truth.

Castle is beyond done with Pi and tells Alexis she has to kick him out. But instead of going along with it, she has some surprising news on her own. Her and Pi have found a place to live together! As you could imagine, Castle had a total cow and I think this is one of the few times that he and his daughter have had a fight and didn't end up agreeing on anything. 

Kate never once believe Simon. Though I think she started to at the very end when she spilled her coffee and looked at the other note that the bad guy had and the stain was the exact same way! One of the hints that they let us know that perhaps Simon really was telling the truth. Another huge one was that Castle went back to give Simon his future weapon looking thing and Simon turned a corner and was gone! I'm surprised Castle didn't go running back to Kate saying "He was telling the truth!". 

They end up saving the high school student that Garrett (the bad guy) was after and everything will go back to normal. 

The sad part: when Alexis moves out. I hope that her and Castle patch things up and that this doesn't mean that she won't be off the show. Because Alexis is one of my favorite characters and I love the father-daughter relationship. 

Did you love this episode as much as Castle did? Let me know in the comments below!

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