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Covert Affairs "Dead" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I wasn't sure what to expect when Annie went rogue, but I've gotta say, this show seems to have gotten any better. Like that's possible, right? But it sure has! I wasn't sure if I was gonna like Annie being rogue, but I don't mind at all. Seems like she has learned a lot to be able to get what she needs to get done. I'm hoping it works out well for her in the end and perhaps can get her old job back. 

It must have been so hard for Auggie to make the call to Annie's sister to tell her that she's dead. I was wondering how he was staying so calm during this scene at the beginning. But later we find out that thank goodness, Calder told Auggie about the plan and knows that Annie is not dead. I'm so happy they told him! I felt so bad for him when he got the call. Makes me wonder, though, how long he knew about it being real. Like the whole phone call was just apart of the plan? Or maybe they told him after the fact, but whatever. The important thing is that he knows.

But I think he's the only one that knows. Because it looks like Joan and Arthur have no clue what's going on. Which is probably good for them. They are still trying to get Arthur out of jail and I'm glad that he and Joan have made up.

Ugh, I still can't believe Henry is "helping" with the case! It's so frustrating. I'm surprised Calder can keep his cool around him knowing what has happened. But he's trying to get on his good side and put a wedge inbetween Henry (and someone else, I missed his name) and I think it starts to work.

So, let's get back to Annie. Who's gone rogue and died her hair (she doesn't look bad with darker hair) and trying to become friends with Jai's mom and get a job at her work. Which she does, but then something horrible happens. The guy that blew up the helicopter was there and he recognizes Annie! Though she tries her hardest to not be seen. But it doesn't work out and they get in a major fight and he was about to text someone that Annie is alive and where she was at! Now she has to capture him and torture him to find out what he knows. To make matters worse, Jai's mom gets involved. I think she realizes that Annie is good. But doesn't like the fact that Annie has to torture the guy to get info. Which ends bad. Because I think he ends up dying. 

Did you love or hate Annie being rogue? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

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