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Halloween Movie List

I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I don't enjoy Halloween at all. But I watch a few amount of movies. Ok, they are kid movies, but that's about as scary as I can handle it. I do not enjoy scary movies. But this is my must list of Halloween movies that have been on Disney Channel in order of what I enjoy most:

Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire:

This is very unDisney if you ask me. But it was one movie I know by heart, but still enjoy to watch it every year. It's become a tradition to watch it with my mom. I love the cast. Especially Caroline Ray as the mom. I grew up watching her on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, so I just love the actress and am happy whenever I see her in something I watch. 

Phantom of the Megaplex:

It ties with "Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire". I can never decide between the two which one I enjoy watching more. This one was the first movie I decided to watch this year to kick off my movie watching and I still enjoy it even though it's another one I basically know by heart. 

Halloweentown Series:

Instead of listing 1-4 separately, I'll do it altogether. When they first aired, I wasn't that big of a fan, but after a while, I decided to watch them and have fallen in love with this series and it is a must watch for when Halloween comes around for me. Actually currently in that series right now. Gonna watch the 3rd one tonight. Didn't enjoy the 4th one much because they changed the main girl in the movie and I really do not enjoy that when that happens. But it's still fun. Kind of wish they would have made a 5th, but kind of glad they didn't at the same time.

Under Wraps:

Not one of my top movies to watch during Halloween, but it is a must see for me. I try to watch it no matter what. I'm not sure if this was a Disney Channel Original movie or if it was just something Disney aired, but either way, they still air it to this day and it's a pretty old movie.

Twitches Series:

I was so excited when they made these movies! I grew up watching Sister, Sister and love the Mowry family (Tia, Tamera and Tahj - watched both of their shows) and it was fun seeing them in a movie all grown up. Kind of the same story line of what they've always done, but with a twist. They are witches in this one. It's fun and only two in the series. Kind of wish they made a 3rd and surprised that they didn't since that's kind of Disney's thing, but yeah.


Who could forget the friendly ghost? I still remember seeing this in the theater as a kid. Normally these type of movies freak me out, but it's Casper and totally not scary. And I also watch Casper Meets Wendy because it's like one of Hilary Duff's very first movies. So, hey, I gotta watch it. :) Only none Disney Halloween movie I watch. :)

I would love to know what movies you guys watch during this time of year! So, come to my Facebook to discuss or use the comment section below!