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NCIS: LA "Impact" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Half the team goes back to normal every day work while the other half have to deal with the torture they went through and to help deal with that, a surprise guest star returns: Nate! I was not expecting him to show up, but I guess I should have because they always call him when they need stuff like this done.

Though Sam is not at all thrilled about this part of trying to come back to work. According to him, he's fine, but Nate can read people very well and knows that something else is going on. But I think Sam feels guilty that Deeks had to be tortured because of him and he wasn't able to help out his friend. Sam is ready to get this part of the process over quickly whereas Deeks is pushing people away and not wanting to get back to work as quickly as Sam is. Refusing to talk to anybody. Hetty decides to surprise him at home, even, just to make sure he's ok and stuff. Nate eventually gets Deeks to talk, though and hopefully he can work through this stuff now. It might just take him a little longer then Sam.

So, the case is that a plane crashed on the runway and they are trying to figure out what went down. They eventually learn that someone intercepted the call to the tower and that's how they crashed. But why would they want to crash a plane? I think it was because there was a last minute addition to the plane and he was a writer writing about something that no one wanted to be let out. To make a long story short, I believe they end up catching the guys. I can't remember how and why, but yeah. Sorry, must have not been paying too close attention to that part. Oops. I do remember something about cover ups and stuff, just can't remember what the reason was.

Sam gets the ok to go back to work! Deeks also gets the ok to go back to work, but Hetty is worried about Kensi and Deeks' relationship. I believe she suspects they like each other as more then partners and I'm pretty sure Nate figured that out as well, just didn't want to say anything. But it was because of Kensi that Deeks was finally able to fall asleep! That scene was the best! So cute that he decided to finally let her come in and they hung out. I think Deeks threw Kensi off a bit when she asked what happens next and he said a love story! So not expecting that to come out of his mouth. Maybe more will happen between this couple? I'd sure love that!

I'm glad this show was more funny because after that NCIS, man, I needed to laugh and this show fixed that for me! So many funny moments, but especially Eric and those pants! Still wasn't too clear on why Hetty had him wearing them, but he so did not enjoy them, to the point where he wanted to burn them! 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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