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NCIS: LA "Omni" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Car chase with cop cars and a guy ends in an explosion with the guy they were chasing, gets killed. So the team investigates why it happened.

How awesome was it that Deeks is back? He seemed a little unsure and so was I, but by the end of the episode, he seemed to be back to his normal self. Cracking jokes and everything. The only person who isn't sure of him being back is Callen. I could see where Callen was coming from, though. He wants to make sure Deeks is really back and not just wanting to be there because it could be trouble for them all. But I think maybe, that work is best for Deeks. It'll just take him a while to get back into it. 

I loved Hetty's car! That was awesome! And too funny that Sam or Callen couldn't drive it because she was afraid that they'd mess up her car because they were too big. Kensi ended up having to drive it to keep her cover in tack. Boy, is Kensi a good race car driver! She loved doing it, too! I was sure that Hetty was gonna get mad at her, but I think she realized that she was good and was ok with it or something. I think she was just afraid that Sam and Callen were too big for her car. 

Eric 1.0. That was probably my favorite. 2.0 would definitely be a hologram coming from Eric. 

I was not expecting someone within Tom's company (the guy that got killed) was the murderer. Especially who it ended up being. I was suspecting it was the Doctor because he was being very rude with Kensi and Deeks when they went to question him. But it ended up being Rick Paulson because he wanted to take over the company and was trying to direct blame to someone else so he could do that.

Other then that, not much else happened in this episode. Though my favorite was that Deeks is back to work and seems to slowly be getting back to himself and Kensi missed him! He was a little taken-aback with that when she said that, but then she tried to correct herself. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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