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NCIS: LA "Unwritten Rule" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Nell gets her time to shine in this very confusing kidnapping case in this weeks' episode of NCIS: LA and she's a pretty good agent!

First off, gotta say that I love the fact that my favorite character, Deeks, seems to be back to his goofy self. Though Hetty is still not quite sure. I think she's worried about the Kensi/Deeks relationship. I'm not sure if she wants to know if they like each other or if she wants Deeks to admit that he likes her or what. Because since they are agents, I don't think they can date. Though, I could be wrong.

Man, when I said confusing, I was not kidding. I'm still not even sure how or what happened during that whole episode. Though I knew something was odd the whole time. First thought it was Garrett that was bad, or his assistant, but it ended up being his girlfriend! She's done this before, under different names. I knew something had to be wrong when the kidnappers just decided to give her back. But what was even weirder was when they kidnapped her in broad day light where everybody could see her.

But I wasn't actually too far off with my guessing because the assistant was involved somehow. I can't remember how much he was involved, but he was and that put Nell in trouble. Was gonna say poor Nell, but that so is not the case with her! Even after she got knocked out a little bit, she went after the bad guy! Now did I miss something? Since when did Nell have a gun? But she's a pretty good shot and Callen was really impressed (not to mention me too) with her!

How funny was the reactions with the nerds when Nell walked in? And Eric, jealous much? I highly doubt Hetty sent him down there to help with Nell. But in a way, I think it was good he was there, too.

Poor Deeks had to give up his brand new motorcycle. Deeks then learns of the "Unwritten Rule". I can't remember what it was. It was something like you can work and do dangerous stuff all day at work, but when you go home, you have to be safe and the motorcycle did not count as being safe. Kensi thought it was just a post being tortured thing what he was doing. Could have been. Kind of cute how she was worrying about him. He was trying his hardest to reason with Hetty, but she wouldn't hear of it! So, how is that Kensi can have one and not Deeks? Or does Hetty not know about Kensi's? Another thing, I really hope that Deeks will decide to become a full agent. That will help with the teasing to lessen up a bit. Though they could start teasing him about being a new agent. But still, it'd be nice for him to become a full agent. It looks to me that Deeks is back to himself again and I for one am happy. I was hoping he wouldn't go down a dark tunnel after the stuff he went through.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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