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NCIS "Under The Radar" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

A landlord gets blown up by a bomb that was placed in a Lieutenants apartment and it turns into quite an interesting case. 

First off, gotta say that I love the fact that they aren't forgetting about Ziva and are kind of acting the same way they did about the desk when Kate died. Well, at least Tony and McGee are. Gibbs just wants to move on. Maybe he is having a harder time with Ziva leaving and doesn't want to say anything.

The episode got back to it's funny moments, which I love. Not that I don't mind the drama of the show, but today, I needed funny and it cheered me up. Though, it did still have drama, that's for sure. But the best part of the whole episode was when Gibbs was like "What's a Hashtag?". That part was hilarious! And I'm a little bummed that they didn't go into explanation about it, but maybe that was for the better. Gibbs probably wouldn't have cared. Another funny moment was when McGee lost his credentials. Loved how he escaped getting across the crime scene tape, but finally, he had to tell Gibbs and let's just say, he was not at all thrilled that McGee didn't call whoever he had to call right away. At first, I was thinking that if McGee didn't find them, that it was gonna lead into something deep, but Vance did find them, just that McGee was not at all happy where he did find them at. The Inspector General's office, which will put McGee under investigation. 

Abby was just awesome in this episode. But when is she ever not, huh? She is having a hard time with Ziva leaving. They didn't really go much into that or how Tony told them and I'm not sure if I liked that or not. But how cute was it that Abby was learning to knit just to make booties for Jimmy and his wife's baby whenever they get ready to adopt? That part was also funny when their meeting didn't go too well because they thought that Jimmy and his wife working with dead people would be a turn off. I didn't realize they had that much in common. Kind of cute if you ask me. And how sweet was it that Ducky envies Jimmy for starting a family? 

Murray is back and Tony is very unhappy about the fact that he was working at Ziva's desk. But now a new comer comes: Vera. Takes a while for the team to get used to her, though, I'm not sure if they ever do. And when McGee finally tells Gibbs about his missing credentials, Vera has to go with Tony and she's nervous because according to her, Tony is an "accident waiting to happen". And she might be right there. Because of them meeting a suspect and trying to figure out where their missing Lieutenant is (who ended up bombing his own apartment), she gets hurt. Because of that, though, she was cleared to go on early retirement. Tony did not like the fact that Vera was taking the leads on everything. Even driving. 

What made the empty desk even harder was when a call came in asking for Ziva reminding her about a dentist appointment. I first thought no one was gonna answer the call. Tony ended up doing it.

Well, to make a long story short, they find the Lieutenant on a plane using Twitter (how awesome was that?) and Gibbs talked him out of bombing the ship, but ended up just killing himself. See, I told you there was still drama in the episode. But because of McGee's awesome idea on tracking the plane, instead of getting investigated about his credentials, Vance got him out of it because they got called to the White House!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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