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The Mentalist "Desert Rose" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

You think that the team would listen to Patrick by now when it comes to stuff with Red John, but they don't. Theresa ends up telling Grace, who ends up telling Wayne, who had to tell Cho. I knew it probably wasn't the best for Patrick to tell Theresa about it. Especially when she was having a hard time trying to keep her cool around the suspects of Red John. I knew she was gonna have to tell someone, but wasn't expecting Grace to tell other people, too. Now everybody is in trouble. And because of Theresa knowing, Red John goes after her!

How did Patrick pick up on the case that fast at the beginning? That was pretty crazy what went down, huh? But then they get another case. Which I figured when Patrick wanted to stop at that place for the night, I was thinking it was kind of important, but didn't know until later on why.

Bertram was just added to the top of my list as a Red John suspect! How creepy was that conversation between Patrick, Theresa and him? He was acting very suspicious and then he just randomly brought up Red John and the suspects that he somehow knows Patrick has a list when he hasn't even told anybody about it except for Theresa. But he was shocked when Theresa wanted to grab the case that was far away.

Ok, did I miss something between Grace and Wayne last season? I don't fully remember all that went down. Did they get back together? I vaguely remember that happening, but I didn't think they decided to go anywhere with that? But I think that's why they act so jumpy. 

Like I said above, I knew that the place Patrick and Theresa stayed at was gonna be important with the case and the workers there were the ones that were involved with the murder! Kind of glad it was a little harder then I thought because I thought it was gonna be like the son or the mom. I still wonder how Patrick figures stuff like this out.

Now comes the cliffhanger. I haven't watched the newest episode yet, so I have no clue how this plays out. But they narrowed the list of Red John suspects down, but not because they wanted to. Because one of them was murdered by Red John! And if I remember correctly, didn't someone else who was killed by Red John, say "Tiger, tiger"? That's what Partridge said right before he died. I never suspected him. Especially when he had no clue what Patrick was saying when they met up on the case. But this is where Theresa gets kidnapped by Red John! I knew something bad just had to happen when she walked into the place by herself. Why would she even do that when it could possibly be Red John? Now I don't know if she lived, but we saw whoever Red John was (just his hands) painting the creepy smiley face on her face! I'm really hoping she didn't die. But Patrick knows that Red John has her. Which will not be good at all if she dies. Patrick will be very furious because I believe they like each other.

Did you guys love or hate the season premiere? Let me know in the comments below!

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