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NCIS "Gut Check" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

First off, I'm gonna talk about the new girl, Ellie. It normally takes me a while to get used to a new character and to know if I can like them and trust them, but not with her. The minute I saw her even in the preview, I knew I was gonna like her and I was right. Their description of her is perfect. Quirky. That's exactly how she is. But she reminds me a little bit of each agent and even past agents. I think she's like Gibbs because she has rules. She is into movies like Tony. She's kind of nerdy like McGee. She's an artist like Kate. It looks like she knows some moves like Ziva. I loved how they thought to put a little bit of each character into her, but I am hoping she's her own person, too. That she's not gonna just take off from just those characters, but have her own little quirks too.

So, now that that's said, let's talk about the episode. They are having this huge meeting in the sec room and it all of the sudden gets put on a shut down! Why? Because it detected a bug on someone and now they have to search everyone. Including the SecNav who ended up being the one who has it, but has no clue how she got it.

I was thinking for sure that the guys were gonna have a cow when Ellie decided to just make her home on Ziva's desk. They didn't say anything. Though their expression kind of said it for them. I also loved that fact that everybody warmed up to her so quickly. Even Abby who always has a hard time liking new people, but can you blame her with all the stuff she's had to deal with?

The bad guy found a tricky way to send the bugged pens. He was sending them through the mail with like what I got was a junk mail type thing, but they got the free gift, which was the pen. He sent them to a bunch of big name people and now the team has to figure out who and what has been comprised. 

It ends up being one of the guys that was in the meeting. The one that was really annoying who sent the pens out. 

Did you love or hate the new girl? Let me know in the comments below!

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