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NCIS "Oil & Water" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Agent Borin is back when NCIS and CGIS have to work together on a case that involved a worker on a ship getting murdered. 

Man, I missed Agent Borin, didn't you guys? I like how they are having old characters come back on the show until they introduce a new character with us. I wonder what she'll be like, too? I'm curious to find out. Though I still miss Ziva and I'm glad that they haven't stopped talking about her. But I am still curious about the new girl. Tony seems to be having the hardest time with Ziva being gone, but Gibbs also seems to be having a hard time as well. Every time someone even mentions her name, he gets all quiet and changes the subject.

Since this is a Halloween episode, there's a prankster on the lose and no one knows who it is. Naturally, they assume Tony did it, even though he denies it every single time. I don't believe it was Tony, though. Could it have been confirmed that it was Gibbs? Why else would Agent Borin have said that about his signature thing at the end while they were talking about pranks? Or was it Tony all along and he just didn't admit it? I'm still confused on how that all went down.

So, the case involved a ship blowing up on just part of the ship. Which they thought that was weird because if they wanted to blow up the whole ship, they should have placed it differently (if I remember correctly, been a while since I watched this). But I don't think anybody was supposed to get hurt. 

Agent Borin is like a scarier side of Gibbs in interrogation (didn't know it could get worse, right?). But she let this case get to her personally because of something that had happened to her a while ago. She finally gets the right guy to crack and boy, was she good! 

SecNav is there and no one thinks that's a good sign. She was just worried that they were a man down and making sure that everything was still going off right. But I think she helped Gibbs realize that perhaps they do need a new agent. Even offered it to Agent Borin who turned it down. But I was disappointed in that because I really like her and she fits in well with the team.

Abby seems to be getting more and more screen time, which I love. But you know who I'd love to see more on the show instead of just every other episode? Jimmy. I love his character and thought that since he's in the beginning credits, that they would add him more, but that hasn't really happened. I wish they had another Jimmy episode. Remember that one they had in a few seasons back?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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