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Once Upon A Time "Quite A Common Fairy" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The more we learn about Peter Pan, the more I do not like him at all! He's very conniving. Not only to Emma and the gang, but to poor Henry as well. By the end of the episode, I just wanted to slap Peter because of what he was doing to Henry. But I guess that goes to show that the actor they have playing Peter Pan is excellent!

But enough on that, let's talk about the episode. Which is one I was looking forward to because Tinkerbell is my favorite and I'm glad that they didn't change too much of her. The fairytale story is of her and Regina. They knew each other. Actually, Tinkerbell was gonna try and help Regina get over her loss of her first love and find her new love. But it didn't exactly go as planned. Regina ended up being scared and not going in to see her soul mate (and you'll never guess who it would have been) and told a big fat lie to poor Tinkerbell who then got in big trouble for stealing pixie dust and got her wings taken away! That's why Regina was so afraid to see Tinkerbell and why Tinkerbell would later refuse to help them out.

David has told no one about him being shot with one of the arrows, though Hook did see it and is trying to convince him to tell someone, I think is how that whole conversation went. I'm hoping he does. But does this mean that something is bad in stores for David? 

I believe that Regina was tracking Tinkerbell all along and knew that if she was gonna be left alone, that that's when she would take her strike and Tinkerbell does. Now Regina could have been truly nervous to see Tinkerbell, but it made me wonder if perhaps it was a set up to get Tinkerbell because Regina knew that was the only way to get her? I mean, I guess it could not have been a trap, but that's what I got the feeling for. 

Thank goodness though, Regina talks things out with Tinkerbell before something tragic happens and what did Tinkerbell mean that Henry is gonna be orphaned too long? Does that mean something bad?

The nerve of Peter to try and get Henry into thinking that he was the true saviour all along, when in reality, he wasn't. But Peter completely lied to him about the picture and what it meant.

Could help be on the way, though? Neal is coming! The only boy that has managed to escape (we still don't know how) the island has returned to help Emma save Henry. 

I'm sure by now, you guys are wondering who Regina's true love would have been. Well, now they reveal it to us. It was gonna be Robin! Yep, meaning Robin Hood who Mulan ended up joining up with because telling the person she loved didn't work out like she thought it was going to. I wonder, will Robin and Regina ever be able to meet up? It would be interesting. I wonder what Emma's reaction to Neal coming to the rescue when she thought he was dead, is gonna be like? I'm kind of excited for that reunion and am hoping it works out for Neal, well for everybody for that matter. There is one person we haven't seen in a while. Mr. Gold. Where did he end up at in all this? Is it weird that he hasn't been on the show?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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