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The Mentalist "Wedding In Red" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The hunt for Red John continues, but so do normal day-to-day cases, which they have stumbled upon one, which leads them to a wedding. But not the one you are thinking of, yet. 

How weird was Sheriff McAllister acting? He's kind of off my Red John list after watching this episode. But I wonder if he was somehow apart of it to throw Patrick and Theresa off the trail of whoever it really is? Because why else would he pretend to be afraid of heights and then save Patrick's life at the end when Patrick was falling off the church's roof? That whole scene was odd. I think Patrick thought so, too. It just makes me wonder if McAllister was just there to throw off the trail. It seems like a Red John kind of move, doesn't it?

Enough about that. The case does lead them to a wedding. Which there has been a lot of wedding talk already with Wayne and Grace. The department has lifted the no dating rule as long as you don't out rank the person and they could even marry! Grace subtly hints throughout the whole episode about marriage and wanting Wayne to propose. But Wayne himself is having second thoughts about the whole thing. It's because of this wedding case, that helps Wayne figure out his answer. How about that for a distraction at the end huh? I thought it was cute that he had to tell Grace that he was actually proposing and that it wasn't part of some plan. She, of course, said yes! Before they leave Napa, they get married at the courthouse. I thought it was weird that Patrick wasn't in there, but watching from the door?

Anyways, the case, one of the members of the party ended up dying because he stumbled in on the brother trying to steal the very expensive Bible. Patrick figures it out and traps the killer, who then kidnaps Patrick with a gun to his head and they go up on the roof and that's where McAllister gets involved. 

Grace always wanted a big wedding, but ended up just having a very, very, small one at the courthouse. Though Wayne did throw in something sweet. Or maybe. I'm not sure if it was him who did this. They first had a gun solute and then a horse drawn carriage to bring them to their hotel! See, told you it was sweet. I was iffy on this episode and how they would do the wedding. But I've always loved this couple and am glad they finally got married. I did feel it was a little rushed, but whatever. It was still sweet and I ended up loving this episode. Out of the ones so far, I'd say this one is my favorite of the new season.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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