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White Collar "Out Of The Frying Pan" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

We meet Neal's new handler. To make it more interesting though, Neal himself had to figure out who it was during a meeting on a new case and he did. He's pretty good at trying to figure out people. David is his new handler. Didn't like him at first, but by the end of the episode, I was. He seems like he'll be good for Neal. And they seem to get along until....

Until they get the case that they are working on. Which leads to Mozzie and Neal has to find a tricky way to get around it and still let Mozzie escape without being seen. Though that doesn't happen and it makes matters even worse. Especially when the whole team knows it's Mozzie and the poor new guy has no clue who they are talking about.

Don't worry, though. After some tricky ways of getting around stuff. Mozzie found a way to escape. But that was after David found Mozzie's actual identity. Poor guy couldn't part with it because he wanted his parents to be able to track him down if they ever came looking for him and if he was to get rid of it, they wouldn't be able to do that. Neal was able to talk Mozzie into faking his death so that Mozzie could get away fine.

It was all working until Diane went home from work after working for two days without sleep and a baby on the way? Peter finally had to put is foot down and send her home, though she went without being happy about it. Tried to ask Neal to look into the whole Mozzie thing, but he wouldn't go with her that night. She decided to go herself and figured out where Teddy (Mozzie) was and realized it was Mozzie! She was gonna turn him in, but because of all the stress and stuff of that case and finding it was Mozzie, it got to her and she delivered early! With Mozzie's help! Well, at first, you thought Mozzie was gonna leave, but thank goodness he came back. That would have been horrible. Everything went fine and you'll never guess what she decided to name the baby. Theo! After Mozzie! Though no one knows that except Neal and Mozzie. And no one knows that Mozzie helped deliver the baby except for Neal. How sweet of it that Diane decided to not rat out Mozzie, though!

Remember the "dance routine" Neal was working on in the beginning? It was all apart of a plan to break into the evidence locker (that's what I think it was - correct me if I'm wrong) to steal something. I can't remember what it was that they were stealing. But Neal got in and out without a problem! Well, a little bit of a snag happened because Peter started to get real suspicious that Neal would just leave his hat there and he was gone and went looking for him where Neal went! But Neal still managed to get out fine.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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