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Covert Affairs "There Goes My Gun" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Annie gets to go to Hong Kong like she wished and
it's actually a pretty good lead that they follow, too. But it ends badly. Because their lead ends up killing himself because he knows he was made. Now Annie has to pretend that she was a by stander who saw the conversation to try and track down the bad guy.

As you could imagine, Calder isn't at all happy that Annie decided to do it, but it does pay off. She finds the guy that made the pay off and now they have a lead again.

Who loved seeing Auggie and Annie back together again? It's been so long since they've got to work together and stuff that I forgot how much I missed that team. They really do work well together and it helps that Auggie knows Annie more so that he can step inbetween her and Calder if she decides to do something on her own.

The story with Arthur and Joan gets very interesting, too. It also all leads back to Henry. Arthur's lawyer is working with Henry! She slipped up about something that no one was supposed to know about and so he put two and two together and he was right. He almost lost his life for it, too. Well, so did Joan. But thank goodness she got the message in time that Arthur left and was able to arm herself. Henry is the one who ended up putting the hit on them. I really hope they catch this jerk soon! Oh, Joan decided to tell Arthur that Annie is alive. 

I knew the minute that we saw Henry at the meet, that something was off. I was right, too. Because he was just acting odd and Henry has always been one step ahead of them. So, after that mess of a meeting, Annie decides to go meet with someone and it takes a while and their flight is leaving and Calder wants to leave without Annie! Auggie won't stand for it and so he stays behind. Henry and Annie meet face to face. Loved his expression and it took a minute for him to figure out what to say. I wonder what will happen now that they have met?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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