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Hawaii Five-0 "Ua Nalohia (In Deep)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It was so sweet to see the softer side of Steve in this new episode of Hawaii Five-0 when his sister, Mary, visits with a newly adopted baby! At first, Steve is denying the fact that his sister can take care of a baby and to be honest, I was kind of worried too, from what we've seen of her before and it doesn't help when she gets sick and Steve has to take care of the baby while working a major crime scene at the same time. It was funny that he would kind of trick each member to watch the baby so that he could have a break from the baby. But it seems like at the end, when Mary gets better, that she will be a good mom at this.

So, the crime is when a guy that Chin used to know and taught at the police academy or somewhere like that, is killed and they have to figure out why and who did it. 

According to Chin, the guy he knew was arrested for drugs back in school and he never graduated. So, why was he murdered? Well, we finally know why because his handler comes to the morgue to see the body! Brian wasn't really arrested for drugs after all. It was a front for him to go under cover.

It was odd, though, because the lady that was also apart of the team, said that they had enough to take down the group that the guy was in a long time ago, but they did nothing about it. The lady that was listening to the victim (I can't remember her job description) was in on it with her boyfriend! Her boyfriend is the one that killed Brian and I think it was over money! I'm glad he wasn't bad, like they were suspecting at first.

Grover is back and man, he really doesn't like Steve! I'm not even sure why, either. Is it all because he doesn't think Steve is a real cop or that he doesn't like the fact that Steve can have all this free range with the rules and no one cares? 

So nice to have Charlie back! Who missed him? It sure took them long enough to finally bring him back. They did mention that he had been gone, but they didn't say where. I'm surprised that they took this long to get him back because he was like apart of one of the major cliffhangers in the season finale. Kind of weird, but whatever, he's back!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!