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Iron Man Trilogy Movie Review

So, I've just finished watching all of the Iron Man movies for the first time ever. Yes, I know it took me forever to watch them, but they didn't interest me at first, but after I saw the Avenger movie, I wanted to see these ones. I'll also watch Thor and Captain America as well.

Since I have watched them all recently, I thought I'd give a short review of each one, ending with a longer review of the 3rd one. So, let's start with the 1st one.

Iron Man 1:

I was a little nervous to watch it, but once it got into the story and such, I fell in love with the movie. I have recently found out that I love these type of action movies where they are still funny, but have awesome action scenes and this one fits the bill for that description. A great way to introduce the Iron Man character and Robert Downey Jr. does excellent (as always) at his role. Normally I don't like the arrogant all about me super hero, but for some reason with Iron Man/Tony Stark I like that on him. I wouldn't want his character any other way. Oh, also an essential part was finding out how they got Agent of Shield. That was cool finding that out because I just started watching the show about the time I started this trilogy.

My Movie Rating: 4/5 stars

Iron Man 2:

Not the best out of the series, like at all. I actually remember being kind of bored through this one. But it was still cool to see members from the Avenger movie in this one and find out how that all got started. However, I believe it is important to see all three movies even if I didn't like all of them.

My Movie Rating: 3/5 stars

Iron Man 3:

I saved the best for last. I'm not just saying that because I did them in order. In my opinion, this is the best. It has everything that I loved in the first movie and then some. The action was amazing. Special effects were awesome and a few twists in there as well. Still some awesome funny moments, which I felt like was missing from the 2nd one. Normally, after the first movie, they go down hill. I felt like they did a little bit with the 2nd one, but they shot way high up on this one and made it super excellent! I wasn't even in the movie 10 minutes and I already loved it. The beginning is kind of important to pay attention, though. Because if you don't, you might miss a major story set up for later on in the movie when they get to it. But it was just all around awesome! Also, watching Avengers before this (if you haven't seen it yet) is important because they refer to it a lot. 

My Movie Rating: 5/5 stars