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NCIS "Homesick" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode is a bit of a tear jerker, so be prepared!
Thank goodness it ends happy, right? I knew it was gonna be sad because of the preview, so I was nervous while watching it, but now I kind of want to rewatch it now that I know everything turns out fine.

A bunch of kids get sick and they have no clue what it is or why and it's just attacking the Navy families, so NCIS gets involved to try and figure out what's going on. Which means a whole lot of Abby time, since she's the one who has to figure out what the kids have in time to get a cure.

Abby's friend is back! I forgot how much I loved her character. She helps Abby try to figure out what the poor sick kids have. How horrible was it when it seemed that each time they would have a number that they thought was right, it like doubled?! 

Because of all of this, Jimmy is having second thoughts on adopting a kid after his wife (haven't seen her in a long time, right? - nice to have her back) tells him the good news that they might have a birth mother! He gets to the point where he doesn't even want to do it because of all that's going on, so Abby freaks out and has to have a "talk" (well, more like yell) at Jimmy about his decision. 

Vance was also listening when this happened which was good because Abby said some things he needed to hear. Jackie's long lost father arrives and Vance does all he can to push him away. But thanks to Abby, he has a change of heart and Jackie's father gets to meet his grandkids. I am so glad that happened! 

They finally find patient zero and learn that he was recently in Africa and that's where he got the illness, but he didn't even know it! Poor guy. So, now that they know what it was, they were able to get a cure for the kids and they all returned safely!

Ellie is awesome, isn't she? The more I see her, the more I fall in love with her character. I especially loved her even more when she felt so terrible about making the sickness worse in front of that family when she felt like she had to apologize and she did and actually made the situation better. It was so sweet. But we fans will not be expecting any relationship status with her and Tony. I was kind of hoping that and I think Tony kind of liked her, but we find out tonight that Ellie has a husband and kids! I was totally shocked. This is the first time a girl on the show has had a family already and won't be a possible love interest for Tony. I really hope that Tony does find someone, but maybe not in the same job as him. This was just totally different and I was shocked, but I think it'll be a good thing. Also, loved it when she gave Gibbs a present because she remembered that he liked cinnamon. Oh, Jimmy decided to meet with the birth mother and stuff. So I guess Abby got through to him. 

What did you think about this year's Christmas episode? Let me know in the comments below!