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Once Upon A Time "Ariel" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

As you could probably guess, the episode was about Ariel. They actually stuck to the story pretty well, I thought. Though of course, they do have to put their own twist on things like they always do.
But it wasn't shocking or anything. Just normal. The twist they put was that Snow White knew Ariel. Ariel actually ended up saving Snow White after she jumped off a cliff to get away from Regina's men hunting her.

So, you guys probably know how the story goes. Ariel falls in love with Eric. But this one doesn't have a happen ending, yet. Because since Snow White is involved with Ariel, Regina isn't far behind and gets involved with Ariel. Which is bad from the beginning. Ariel doesn't want to let Eric know that she's a mermaid, but she only has a day that she has legs. Regina plays Ursula and tricks Ariel and gives her something that will make her have legs all the time, but it comes with a price. She gives it to Snow White and then she can't walk! Regina comes and yeah, you pretty much can guess what Regina had in mind.

But Ariel is too late to see Eric in the end and takes the bracelet back and so she can't have legs. 

Let's go to the real world now. Hook ends up telling Mary and David about Neal being alive and Mary doesn't want to keep that from Emma and so she blurts it out, too. Now they go on a hunt for Neal. Which is what Peter wanted all along. Because where he put Neal, they all have to reveal their deepest, darkest, secrets to each other in order to get across to Neal. They were refusing to do it, but I pretty much could tell who was gonna say what. Well, that it is until we got to Emma. Hook told them about the kiss with Emma. David told Mary about what really happened with him and the dreamshade. Emma is the one who had to save Neal and get him out of the cage by admitting that she always loved Neal, but was happy when she thought he was dead because of all the feelings she's had to deal with. This was the best moment of all when that freed the cage and they hugged! I think they are my favorite couple.

Mary is now furious with David with not telling her the truth. I think that Peter was hoping that they would all hate each other after the truth came out, but it didn't really work like that. I think the only couple that is mad at each other still are Mary and David. 

Also, Regina stormed off in frustration with the group and found Mr. Gold! Who was with Belle who ended up being Peter Pan's shadow! I did find it odd that Belle was there. They summon Ariel to go to Storybrooke and Eric is in Storybrooke and Regina is actually doing a nice thing for Ariel, that is, if she keeps up her end of the bargain and get the weapon that could destroy Peter Pan.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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