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Once Upon A Time "Dark Hollow" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

We finally end up knowing who is in the other crate on Neverland and what happened in Storybrooke after Rumple and the gang left to go to Neverland.

So, we first start off 5 days ago. When Rumple and the gang head to Neverland and Rumple is having to make a sweet, but fast goodbye to Belle who is confused on why she can't go along. But instead of following Rumple, since we already know what happened to them, they stay with Belle and we learn what happened on land while they sailed away. 

She has to set some sort of cloaking device so that no one else can enter Storybrooke because Rumple has a feeling that more of Peter Pan's workers will come and try to do stuff now that Emma and all of them are off the island. He was right and Belle does activate the cloaking device, but not in time. The two guys just barely made it through to the other side.

Ariel is also in town now. Who is gonna help her find what Rumple is looking for? Belle. It was sweet how he hid the thing they were looking for and the fact that Belle was the only one who would know how to look for it. It was in the special teacup! He charmed it so when she put it on the plate, the object they were looking for (Pandora's Box) appeared. 

But now comes trouble, the two guys capture Belle and Ariel and are demanding to know what it is that Rumple is looking for. Well, they eventually find it and want to destroy it. But Belle and Ariel get out of their situation and go to look for them and find them and stop them. That's when we learn who they are. The Darlings! Yes, as in Wendy. And now we know who's in the crate as well, back on Neverland. As soon as they said that Peter Pan had their sister, I knew it was Wendy. Oh, they convince the brothers to work with them because they now know there's a chance to save their sister.

Now we can go back to Neverland. Which is a really awkward situation because Hook decides to tell Neal that he kissed Emma! He figured that Neal heard him while they were telling the truths about each other. So, to make matters worse,  Emma, Hook and Neal all have to go in search of the shadow and have to go in some creepy place called the "Dark Hollow". It doesn't turn out too well. I really thought something bad was gonna happen to either Hook or Neal, but Emma saved the day by capturing the shadow. Now they have a way off the island! To put a somewhat end to Neal and Hook's bickering, Emma tells them that she chooses Henry right now. That scene was awesome! Oh, also Peter Pan tricks Henry (again) to thinking that going to Skull Rock is a good thing and it'll help Henry save magic. I can't remember what Skull Rock is, but it's gotta be bad with that name, right?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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