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Once Upon A Time "The New Neverland" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

How awesome was that reunion scene in the beginning? It would have been even better if Henry was actually himself, but since he isn't, it wasn't as happy as a reunion as I'd hope it would be. Though it was still awesome seeing everybody greet each other! Except for Regina. I guess the town people are still mad at her. I believe she has changed and hopefully she'll stay that way.

Emma is the first and only person to realize something is off with Henry. Maybe it helped that Peter/Henry wanted to stay with Regina. Either to find out more about Henry or something. But it also was weird with his reaction when Emma gave him the story book back. The actual Henry would have been thrilled. She tries to warn people, but they just say that he's probably just tired and such with all the welcoming. Boy were they wrong!

The fairy tale story this time is what happened right after Regina threatened Snow White and Prince Charming on their wedding day. Snow White was furious and wanted to do something to fix the situation right away and all Prince Charming wanted to do was celebrate their wedding. Snow White tricks Prince Charming into going to their summer castle because there's something there that can destroy Regina - Medusa! Little does Snow White know that it'll also destroy Prince Charming too. We all know by now that he gets out alive, we just don't know how. Snow White just uses Medusa's magic power against her and Snow White (thanks to Regina) figured out that she was the one who is throwing her future away by obsessing over Regina.

Back to the real world, now. What's Peter's plan? Well, I don't know it right away. But he keeps asking about this vault that Regina has. Why is it so important? We will get to that in a minute. First, let's talk about the tragic death that happened with the Blue Fairy and right after her and Tinker Bell were kind of making up (thanks to Regina! :) ). She died because of Peter Pan's shadow. Now Henry who is still Peter Pan at this point, tries to make everybody believe that Peter Pan can still come after him and gets Regina to bring him to the vault! Now we know why Peter wanted to go there. Because it had the horrible curse in it! He stole it after he knocked out Regina!

Emma wants to destroy Peter Pan once and for all, but that means having Mr. Gold open the box and set him free and he's afraid something will happen. But Emma decides to bring him to the boarder and do it outside and that way, he can't use any magic. How awesome and creepy at the same time, was that reunion with the real Henry? I'm glad he was able to prove to Emma that he really was who he said he was. But it was still creepy. Peter Pan wants to set the curse again and this time be the ruler over them! Mr. Gold said that since all this has happened with everybody, everybody will be effected, even Emma now! My question is, though, if Henry is still in Peter Pan's body when the curse hits, won't he find that odd?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!