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Once Upon A Time "Save Henry" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode was beyond awesome! The whole reason why we've been watching this season has been concluded, or has it? 

It was so cute why Regina decided to get Henry and how she received him in the first place. That was the backstory we learned in this episode. It seems that the curse was still kind of new to her because she almost slipped up when she was talking to Jiminy. She decided to get a baby (Henry) because she had a hole in her heart and she was afraid because that's also what Rumple told her before the curse broke. Mr. Gold is the one that helped her get the baby, but this was before Regina knew that he remembered everything. So, I believe he did it on purpose. That he knew who the mom was and that she was gonna come later for Henry and stuff. Regina finds out about it and gets mad, but she decides to keep the baby. Though, she has a hard time at first trying to comfort him. She finally figures it out at the end, though. It was a really sweet moment.

So, now let's talk about the present time and why I loved this episode so much! Because they Save Henry! Well, sort of. They get to skull rock and first, only Rumple can go through because he doesn't have a shadow. I don't blame the rest of the gang to be worried about him going through since I'm not sure if we can trust him or not. Regina and Emma figure out how to hide the moon so they don't have shadows, either, so they can go through, too.

Which is a good thing because Rumple has a hard time meeting up with his dad (a.k.a. Peter Pan) after all this time. Oh, I think I forgot to say why his dad called himself Peter Pan in the first place. It's because that toy that Rumple had when he was kid, was named Peter Pan! So, maybe Peter Pan cared for his son in a weird way. 

But Emma, Regina and Neal arrive too late. Rumple gets sucked into Pandora's box and they really try their hardest to talk Henry out of what he's about to do (give his heart to Peter Pan), but he makes up his own mind because he thinks he's doing it for a good reason. Now they have to figure how to get the heart back so that Henry can live. They get it back because Peter Pan captures (sort of) Emma, Mary and Regina, but the tree was magic and Regina could cut lose because she didn't have any regrets and was able to take the heart back!

You think everything is fine, don't you? Well, think again! When they get back to the ship with Henry and the Lost Boys and Wendy and while they are still in Neverland, Peter Pan somehow gets to the ship and switches places with Henry! But no one knows because Henry looks like himself still. When the switch was happening, though, Rumple came down to try and help get Peter Pan out and since they all thought it was the real Peter Pan, they trapped him in the box (oh, they did free Rumple earlier - forgot to say that)! I knew the minute Henry came out on the boat, that something was wrong with him. He wouldn't act that way with seeing his Dad for the first time, since he thought he was dead and it was weird that he went to the Lost Boy that was not happy about what happened to Peter Pan.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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