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Once Upon A Time "Think Lovely Thoughts" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Here comes one after the other with plot twists. I'm glad because this show was getting a little boring. I still loved it, but they needed to spice things up a bit and they sure did after this episode!

We also finally know the back story of Peter Pan! I was wondering when we were gonna get to that. Also, we learn why Rumple loathes him so much. But I'll save that for the end.

There was a happy reunion in this episode, though. Not with Henry (yet), but with Wendy and Neal. That was so sweet that Wendy remembered Neal and that they hugged after Wendy got out. But before that, Peter made Henry think that Wendy was dying because she was sick and the only way to get her better was to save magic.

The fairy tale story is about Rumple as a boy. I think this is a first for us to see his back story as well. I believe all we've seen him as, was an adult. His dad wasn't a really good dad. But it was so sweet of Rumple that he wanted to try and start a new life with his dad and he gets a magical bean to do so. His dad remembers something that he dreamed about when he was younger where you could get anything you ever wanted on the island. Probably should have figured out by now that it was Neverland that he was talking about, but I didn't realize it was that until they actually got to the island. However, the stuff doesn't work like it did when he was a kid. He tries to get pixie dust and when he does get it, you think that Peter Pan's shadow ends up killing the dad and so did poor little Rumple. But somehow, he was still alive. I'm not sure what happened up in the tree, since we didn't really see much of it. But the way for the dad to stay on the island, is turn into a little boy and to do that, he has to give up his son, which he is willing to do. Rumple gets sent back home and he decides to stay with the two ladies that he first was staying with (and who also taught him how to use a sewing wheel) and this is the twist that they throw at us that I didn't see coming! Rumple's dad turns out to be Peter Pan himself! I was shocked when they showed us that. Well, beyond shocked, if there is such a thing. But this is one of those episodes that makes me really hooked on the show now and I am. I love plot twists like this! 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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