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Person Of Interest "Lady Killer" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Their new number: a guy who changes his look and meets with different girls and those girls end up going missing after a while. So, is he a possible serial killer? That's what the team tries to figure out.

To do that, they involve Shaw, Carter and Zoey who go to a club that the guy (his name is Ian) goes to very often and they also set up profiles on themselves on sites he visits, too. He has an eye for Carter, though and it goes from there.

I'm glad that he didn't turn out to be a serial killer. You never do know if the person is gonna be good or not on this show and I like it that way. Well, and the people you think are good sometimes turn out to be bad. Anyways, Carter and Ian's date happens and she is nervous around him, but he doesn't seem like a killer type. But he is plenty creepy when you think he is supposed to be the killer. 

After the situation with those robbers or whatever they were that Carter and Ian ran into on the street, they learn that someone is actually out to get Ian, not him being a killer. Because someone Ian used to love a long time ago, got pregnant and he thought she had an abortion, but she ended up keeping the baby and I guess the dad was afraid Ian would find out or something and wanted to put a hit on him.

They try to make a plan so Ian can end up keeping his son and not have him taken away to London to a boarding school. But Ian wants to do it his own way and ends up kidnapping his own son, which makes matters worse.

In the end, they end up getting the kid and Ian ends up getting his kid. Now Root comes into play. Not with the case, just in the episode. She's still talking to the machine, which I still think is odd. Especially since the machine helps her escape. Why would it do that? Harold has found out the truth about what happened, too, when he tries to call and check up on Root and he goes to check himself. Harold looked frightened when he saw what happened and that she escaped. I don't blame him because she is creepy and it's not good to have her on the streets again.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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