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Person Of Interest "Liberty" (Season Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

So, I guess the machine is back to normal and is now sending numbers to John instead of Harold. Which is probably a good thing that John got to the machine in time. But what about Root? Well, we don't find out about her until later on.

Their new number is a sailor who is on a short leave from the Navy and who is in trouble, but John doesn't know if he's good or bad or what kind of trouble he is in. But he does take a liking to the guy fast, but then it gets dangerous.

Carter got demoted because of all the stuff that happened to her. It seems like John is trying to recruit her to their team, but she doesn't want to give up on her job yet. Because of Carter getting demoted, Fusco gets a new partner. Well, they both do and they both seem to not like their new partners. Carter gets stuck with a new guy and I'm not too sure who Fusco's partner is. 

All this time, I'm wondering what happens to Root and we finally find out. She was put in an asylum! But the machine is still (oddly enough) contacting her. Not with numbers, but just talking to her and her doctors think she's strange. Well, she is, but more so then normal. I wonder why the machine is still talking to her and what about? I thought that was all very odd. But we find out that the machine is supposedly trying to talk Root out of not killing the Doctor! The Doctor has not been a very good person and Root kind of threatens him.

The thing with the sailor turned out fine. His friend ended up getting kidnapped and put on a bomb that Fusco was able to come in and defuse (even though he didn't know he was gonna do it), but before that, John got trapped in there as well and couldn't move until Harold fixed the feed. But they all got out fine and the sailor's friend turned himself in because of what had happened.

Oh, I forgot to talk about Shaw! She's awesome, isn't she? I thought she was a great addition to an already awesome cast! Nice to have a couple girls on the show now.

Did you love or hate the season premier? Let me know in the comments below!

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