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Psych The Musical Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Like many Psych fans, I was super excited when I found out that this show was doing a musical. Not only do I love musicals, but I knew that most of the cast could already sing pretty well, so I knew it was gonna be good and funny and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Especially since I had a hard day and it easily cheered me up. I was laughing within the first 5 minutes.

The case is revolved around a cold case when a guy, Zac, breaks out of an insane asylum and who was in there for going crazy and burning down the theater that he worked at. When the gang starts to track him down, they realize that he's back to his old self and killing again.

But they throw a kicker into the story. Zac started to talk to someone, but they said it was complicated. Why did they say that? Well, you'll never guess who it ended up being! Yang! Yep, the one half of the killer team that was after Shawn and now they somehow have to get her to talk and find Zac before he kills again.

I'll have to watch the episode again (and I actually want to - it was that good!) to figure out what number was my favorite. They were all really good. Though the number when Yang dies (yes, she sadly dies after saving Shawn's life again - why in this show do we end up kind of liking the bad guy before that happens?) and goes to "heaven" or wherever she went. I thought that scene was a little weird. But what an awesome way to bring back Mary (remember him?) into the show! 

Gus was probably my favorite with all the dancing and singing. Not that the whole cast did excellent, but I enjoyed him the best. I really do wonder what he did to finally get the crowd going when he had to stall when the play was going on. Because we never did see it. I was a little bummed with that. 

The killer ended up being the play director. They accidentally killed the reviewer of the play and it just so happened that Zac was there at the right time (or wrong time, however you look at it) and framed him. Zac had a change of heart and ended up not killing the director. But he did go back to the hospital and the director got arrested.

I'm wondering if this was filmed before the new season began? Because remember at the end of the last season, they got a new chief? I was a bit confused by that and also Juliet seemed to not know that Shawn wasn't psychic yet. Or maybe this was just a fun episode for everybody and they just didn't follow the previous story line. I was just a little confused.

I already loved whoever was telling the story at the beginning with the story book and to learn that it was Shawn at the end telling it to Zac in the hospital was the best! I didn't realize it was Shawn. But all the mistakes he was making (like ripping the book apart) and all the comments he'd make on the pictures, they were just too funny. You didn't see much of him reading the story, but you saw enough to enjoy it. 

In the end, it really made me happy and it was well worth the wait. Probably the best episode that this show has had in a while. It even made me excited to watch the new season, which starts Jan. 8th. 

Did you guys love the musical? Let me know your opinions down below in the comments!


  1. I loved it as well. But I was confused because it seemed like the musical should have been an early episode. It didn't fit with the current story line which was really odd. I'm very upset that Yang died though. She has been my favorite reoccurring character for a long time. Whenever she is on an episode you know it's going to be good. I wish she could have lived but I really loved the part that she played in the musical.


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