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The Mentalist "My Blue Heaven" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

 2 years after the whole Red John incident is where this new episode leads off.
Patrick is on the run and will never go back to the USA since he's a wanted criminal there. I'm guessing he's in Mexico. They never stated, but the language they were speaking was kind of a dead giveaway.

We first see Theresa who is now a chief of police. She doesn't seem to enjoy her job much. But she does get a surprise visit from the FBI agent who shut their whole operation down! The nerve of him, right? He's still on the hunt for Patrick and asking Theresa if she's heard from him. Though she lies and tells him no. But she has. She has also kept in touch with Rigsby and Grace who've had a baby together and are doing well with their life after the CBI.

No one has a clue where Cho is, though. He's the only one we don't hear from until the very end and I'll get to that in a minute.

Patrick seemed so relaxed didn't he? Just living life and even went on a date! Though the minute I saw Kim, I didn't really trust her. I had a good reason not to trust her, either. But I did feel bad for Patrick because it looked like he enjoyed her company. Kim ended up working with the FBI! That's how they found Patrick.

How awesome were those letters that Patrick were writing to Theresa? It was so sweet that she kept all of them too! Now you can really tell they like each other and that she misses him a lot.

The episode was interesting, but for a while there in the middle, it got a little boring. But then it got interesting again. After the FBI agent came and Patrick went and met with him. Patrick caught a drug lord in the town he was staying in and agreed to the FBI's terms of going back to the states to work for them! I actually wasn't really happy that he accepted this, but I loved his terms. I'm sure he is getting everybody back on his team. Mainly Theresa. How awesome was that reunion? This is where we finally see Cho. He became an FBI agent! I think that suits him really well, don't you? Wasn't too sure if he was thrilled or not to see Patrick. I do agree with Cho that I don't think this is the best fit for Patrick. Perhaps Patrick just misses the cases and stuff and wants to get back into it? Who knows? Not sure how the show will go from here, but I am still interested to find out.

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