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The Mentalist "Red John" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The time has come where we finally know who the horrible serial killer, Red John is and to be honest, I think the ending could have been better. Mainly because I feel Red John gave up way too easily. But I'll get to that in a minute.

Bertram is on the run still and he gets to a phone and guess who he contacts of all people? Yep, Patrick! Why does he do that? But the call gets cut off by Oscar having to kill a policeman.

Patrick and Bertram finally do set a meeting up even though Theresa is against it. But Patrick can't get to it as easily as you may think. The police are after him now and gets caught, too. But Theresa and the gang are not far behind him when that happens and they end up getting arrested so that Patrick can get set free to go to the meeting! Why they got arrested, I have no clue.

But now comes the moment for the meeting with Bertram. Who we find out is not Red John, but is still apart of the Blake society thing. I knew it couldn't be him. They were making it way too obvious. You'll never guess what happens to him, though. Bertram ends up getting shot and dies by Oscar! That's when they finally reveal to us who Red John really is. It was Sheriff McAllister - a.k.a. Red John! At first, I didn't recognize him and they never really fully told us his name. I just put two and two together when Patrick was talking about the bomb going off and that was the only name he didn't mention.

Now this is the part I didn't like. Mainly because I thought Red John would go down with more of a fight and not be kind of whiny and be out smarted by Patrick. Which I thought was weird because this whole time, the Sheriff has always been one step ahead of Patrick until the very end? It just seemed odd. The Sheriff does end up getting shot by Patrick, so that probably didn't help much, but I don't know, there was just something about the ending I did not enjoy. Was I the only one or what? Maybe it was just me, but yeah. I totally thought that Patrick was gonna have second thoughts about killing Red John when it came to the point when Patrick finally caught him, but he didn't and I was a little disappointed, actually that he did end up killing Red John, but I guess I shouldn't have been, right? I mean, I knew it was coming.

So, now that that's done with, how's the show gonna go? What's Patrick gonna do now that his life's mission is complete? What will happen to the CBI team since the CBI no longer exists? I haven't watched the new episode yet, but I think a lot of those questions get answered.

Did you love or hate how they ended the Red John story? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hey! Just discovered your blog looking up ncis la reviews. Just read this, and totally agree, this red john was such a let down. I liked the first season version one better: creepy, mysterious, and that extra amount of Machiavelli. I expected an equal to Patrick, not some cowering wimp. I expected red john to die, just defiant as he was killed off.

    1. Well hello and welcome to my blog! I hope you like it. Glad to know someone else thought it was a let down and that I wasn't alone. Still sad this show is in it's last season, but I'm not surprised it is.


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