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White Collar "Ice Breaker" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

At first, I was totally confused at the beginning.
I was thinking "Oh no, Neal is wanting to run away again!". But thank goodness it turned out to be a set up to try to get to a bad guy who is making forges of passports.

But it leads to an abandoned warehouse or so they thought. It turned out to be a front for the passport program, but to get in, Neal thought on his feet and put Peter in somewhat of an uncomfortable position when he had to be a big time ice skating coach! That scene was probably my favorite. Peter's face was just hilarious when Neal was saying that. Well, Peter does know how to skate, but it was ice hockey, not figure skating, so he learns from Elizabeth by watching TV to know at least the basic forms and stuff. I love it when she has to help him. :)

Remember Rebecca? Well, she's back and Neal and Mozzie have concocted this plan to get her involved in helping figure out what's on page 13 of the book they stole. I think it's kind of mean that they are tricking her into helping them when she clearly has feelings for Neal and vice versa as well. But whatever. Their plan (which involved June as well) worked to get her convinced that they were the FBI and needed her help in solving something. Which could also put her in harms way as well. But yeah. Anyways, we come to learn something very odd about what they stole. Rebecca said that the arthur of the book was very superstitious and never added a chapter 13 in any of his books. So, what in the world did Neal steal? The plot thickens. :)

Peter doesn't do too bad at his "coaching". He got enough basics to get by especially when the guy started to test him to figure out if Peter really knew what he was talking about. There were a few parts that I thought Peter was gonna be in trouble, but he wasn't, thank goodness. The "party" at the end was awesome, though when they set it up to catch everybody. Which they did and the ice skater got out fine.

Peter backed up his end of the bargain with Elizabeth and taught her how to ice skate. It was so sweet!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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