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Burn Notice "Reckoning" (Series Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

It's always very sad (at least for me) to see a show end. Especially one that I really loved. But the finale is probably one of (if not the) the best finales I have ever seen. I give major props to the writers and all the people involved in the show. It had everything that fans loved (at least what I loved) about the show. Amazing action - gun fights, explosions, the works. Emotion - talk about that tear jerker scene with Madeline and Michael! And of course, romance - Michael and Fiona - together at last, need I say more?

Let's talk about this amazing episode, shall we? First, let's start off where they left us with that horrible cliffhanger. Wondering if they were going to kill off Fiona (which would be bad if you asked me). But not to worry, Fiona really did get to Michael and brought him back down to earth and he ended up shooting Sonja instead! That was a twist I didn't see coming. But now that that happened and James saw it happen, James knows that Michael can't be trusted anymore. So, instead of going along with the plan, James makes a new one. To kill Fiona and Michael! So, now they are trapped on the roof of the building with the CIA coming in full force.

Now this puts Michael, Sam, Jesse and Fiona on the run and trying to make everything right with the CIA who is acting like a total jerk to them now. Especially when they say they are wanted by the CIA. Poor Sam and Jesse get trapped in a food market when the clerk realizes who they are. Michael feels like he has a death wish and crashes into the building with a car! He gets out fine, but he got grazed by a bullet. Sam and Jesse get out fine, too.

So, to finally end this thing with James. Michael finds out where one of his meeting places is or something (I can't remember what it was called) and gets some secret, sensitive stuff that James will want back. But James is, like always, one step ahead of them and tracks their phones and blocks them in the building! To make matters worse, Jesse is back with Madeline and any second, they will have guys storming her place, too! 

Now comes the tear jerker scene I mentioned above. I was even starting to cry and I hardly do that in TV shows. I was not expecting this to happen, but there was no other way. Madeline has made (or found) a bomb that has no deadman switch. The only way to activate it is to be in the house when it goes off! Michael was very upset at this. I was very upset about this. But there really was no other way. She bought Jesse and Michael some time by doing this (yes, she ends up dying). 

We finally know why Jesse never left after he learned it was Michael who burned him. Because he wanted to be apart of a family! He never had one after his mom was killed and didn't like being alone. I have always wondered why he stayed with the guy who was responsible for ruining his career.

Instead of Michael "giving in" to James plan, like we thought he was doing, Fiona and Michael come out guns ablazin'! Literally! Loved that scene, too. But it still didn't end well. Now comes a horrible gut wrenching scene. James ended up also having a bomb (well, we saw them when they went in the building) and activates them with Michael and Fiona still in the building! Sam gets out fine, but what about Michael and Fiona? Are they dead?

I thought so too. They even had a funeral for them. The minute Sam said "I wonder where Michael is at?", I knew they had to be alive somewhere. Why else would Sam talk like that and the other kicker was, where was Charlie? We finally go to Ireland (or so I'm assuming with the music that was playing) and we see Michael, Fiona and Charlie in a cozy log cabin. I was about to throw my remote at the TV if the stars died in the end episode. But thank goodness I was right into thinking something was up. I'm glad that they told their friends and got away, too. Michael is just now wondering what he tells Charlie when he's older if he asks about Michael, etc. 

Possible spin-off idea? Sam decides to go back to the old way of when they first came back to Miami and started helping people in trouble and Jesse has decided to help him. I thought that was cute and could be something for a new show. Not sure how it would go, but I could kind of see something forming there or they just wanted to tribute to the early seasons and have it send off like that for Sam and Jesse who didn't really know what to do since all of this is finally over.

Did you love this amazing finale? Let me know in the comments below what you thought!