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Burn Notice "Tipping Point" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

As the series concludes, we see a really different (and some what creepy) Michael, who thinks he hasn't changed one bit. But we also see a surprise guest come back and I was not expecting this person to come back and especially the way they did come back!

Michael and his CIA team have figured out how to capture James, but Michael doesn't agree with it. To the point where he eventually interferes with their plans and let James escape! How could Michael, of all people, let this happen? His CIA team was furious!

But to throw a nice wrench into the plan to get James, guess who's the head of the extraction team? Simon! Yep, you read that right, Simon, the crazy guy who wanted to bomb half of Miami a couple of seasons ago. This is when Michael looses faith in the CIA and starts to go off. And by off, I mean way off! 

Instead of letting the CIA guys get James, Michael finds a way to escape where they are at and he's on the run with James now! I told you he basically lost it in this episode.

Meanwhile, Fiona is trying to protect Madeline and Charlie from afar because of the guys that James has on them. At one point, Fiona tries to break in, but Jesse called her to tell her to hold it off because it wasn't gonna end well for either one.

Now the truth comes out for Michael. James knows that someone is a rat, he just doesn't know who. He first thought it was Sonja and I totally thought that for a second Michael was gonna let James kill Sonja because I never know what this new Michael is gonna do. But thank goodness he stepped in and said it was him. Though why he went on to tell him the whole truth, I have no clue, but he did and now James is mad at him. Not to the point of James killing Michael, though. He wants to question Michael. Not like he did when Michael first saw James, but in a different way. 

Do you like this new Michael? Let me know in the comments below!