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Castle "Limelight" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

A famous singer is found dead and Castle is getting back together with his ex?

Just kidding, he's not really. That's what the newspaper article was saying because he had a book meeting with her and they looked like they were flirting. But Kate, even though she denies it, told him it didn't bother her, when in the end it does. Especially when everybody started teasing her about it.

Here's the twist with the case, the mom goes to identify her daughter's body and it ends up not being her daughter! What in the world? It ended up being her double and so, naturally, they assume that the person thought it was Mandy (the singer that died) and so they have to make it look like the person actually got that job done until they get to the bottom of this.

Alexis is back and meets her idle of when she was a kid (yes, Mandy) and they actually bond and have some nice moments and it's exactly what they both needed. We learn that Alexis does not like living with Pi and why Mandy drinks and stuff. Both girls end up being good for each other. Even though they get into some trouble along the way.

Don't worry, not too much trouble. The police track them down in time and Castle was happy to see his daughter again. 

Even though Kate refused to put in her engagement announcement at the beginning, she now felt like she needed to, to put the rumors to rest about Castle and his ex. Which was a good thing, but a surprise to Castle, since he wasn't expecting it.

Could Alexis be going to break things off with Pi after Castle wrote that letter of recommendation (that he kept putting off)? We don't really know how that all went down since we didn't see that side of her story. But maybe that'll be revealed in the next episode. However, Mandy was able to make up with her old boyfriend when they realized that the whole thing with Clair and her other ex was a set up to get Mandy and her current boyfriend broken up because Mandy's mom thought it was starting to destroy Mandy's career. Yep, that's right. It was Mandy's mother!

Funny little fact about the show. The girl who played Mandy, also played the star on an ABC Family show called, The Lying Game and her name on there was Sutton, as was her last name on this show. Just thought it was funny that they had that in there. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!