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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Review

You know, it's funny because last year, my first movie of 2013 was a Chris Pine movie (Star Trek: Into Darkness) and my first movie of this year is also a Chris Pine movie. I don't mind at all if this becomes a trend, because I really like Chris Pine. He has made awesome movie choices and this one is no exception.

His newest movie is based on Tom Clancy characters and I can see why he's such a popular author because his characters are amazing! I'm not sure how much was his doing in the movie, but the story line itself was incredible!

It didn't have much action in it until the very end, but I felt the story line was very intriguing and I never once got bored or felt like it was moving too slow. Sure at the beginning they had to do a background on Jack Ryan to let us know where he got to, but since I've never heard of Jack Ryan until this movie, it was nice for me to see that.

I felt like Keira Knightley and Chris Pine played very well together. You know how it is in some action movies where the couple in love, sometimes you can't really see that between the actors. But I felt like you could see it really well between them. Which was nice because it made some parts even more exciting. Though it could help that Chris Pine is just an amazing actor, too (can you tell why I saw this movie?). I even feel like sometimes you get that with the bad guys, too. Where sometimes you don't enjoy them as a bad guy. But Kenneth Branagh played his role amazingly! Though I don't think I've ever seen him in anything, but if this really was my first movie of his, he made a good impression on me! Also, I could see Chris Pine being the next Matt Damon. Chris has picked awesome movies so far and has done different characters, too. Not that I don't enjoy comparing actors, but hey, Matt Damon has done pretty well. So, yeah, if Chris Pine keeps this up, he'll become a big time actor in no time. Not that he isn't now, but he'll become even popular!

Anyways, the movie is about a CIA analyst who uncovers a Russian plot to take down the USA economy. Trust me, it sounds more exciting then it is.

I loved it from the beginning until the very end and I am actually hoping that they will make more of these (as long as it has Chris Pine :) ) because it was a fun thrill ride that I hope you guys will enjoy, too. :)

My Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Here's the trailer for anyone interested in it: