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NCIS "Double Back" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I was afraid of this after watching last weeks with the dreaded "to be continued" that popped up that this might be one of those episodes where they introduce a bad guy who doesn't get caught and that's exactly what happened. Try as they might, they end up losing Parsa in the end, so I'm guessing this will be saved for later when we come to the episodes leading up to the season finale and possibly another dreaded cliffhanger that we have to wait longer to find out what happens.

Let's not wait anymore for this cliffhanger. Which was, was Delilah ok? Well, yes and no. She does survive that horrible blast yes, but no, she's not ok. She ends up being paralyzed! McGee has a horrible time figuring out how to deal with this. But we don't know about it right away. Delilah had to go through a couple surgeries before they learned that that was her final state. McGee doesn't handle this well and avoids it as much as possible.

Rachel Cranston is back! Now correct me if I'm wrong, but was she Kate's sister? It's been so long since they introduced her that I can't remember. I just love the fact that we are seeing so many old characters whom we haven't seen in a long time! But she's McGee's therapist through his whole ordeal. He is determined to work, but Cranston is having second thoughts now that she really knows what kind of state he is in. McGee also shuts out people. Too cute that Tony really wants to make him dinner! So unlike Tony, but still, it's nice to see a sweeter side to him.

Too funny when Tony and Ellie visit someone she knew and Sophia (new girl) and Tony were a lot a like to the point of them thinking the other one was annoying and reminded them of someone (each other), but couldn't figure out who! Nice to see Tony flirt with someone, though. I think it's kind of time that they have a new love interest for him. Don't you or is it still too soon?

They get super close in catching Parsa, but he's always one step ahead of him. Gibbs is really good at interrogating and gets one suspect to finally open up, but still doesn't get them anywhere. There is some good news though, McGee at the end finally decides to hopefully open up. But to Gibbs! McGee goes to the hospital to see Delilah and apologizes and calls Gibbs there later. All we do is just see them sitting and that's it, so we don't know if anything was said, but it's a start for McGee. That's how it ends. Parsa is still on the lose and all that. So, it might be an on going story line. I really wouldn't want to be on Gibbs' bad side, though. He's kind of scary once you mess with his family.

Do you wish that it concluded or do you like the fact that it's still a continuing story? Let me know in the comments below!