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NCIS: LA "Allegiance" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I don't know why there was such a long break for this show because I missed it! I feel like the cast is starting to act their normal selves again. For a few episodes, they just acted off. It's probably because Kensi is gone, but she "returns" in this episode. Sort of.

Deeks always makes me laugh and this episode was no exception. Especially his role he had to play to go into the rug store with Sam was totally hilarious! But Deeks pulled it off.

Their case this time involves a federal agent getting murdered with a possible terrorist attack on their hands and that's why Kensi and Granger get involved because it also has to do with what they've been working on as well. I am glad that she's still on the show a little bit. It was kind of funny, though that every time they'd have a conference meeting Kensi or Deeks would get all fancied up, but then realize the other one wasn't there. I did feel bad for them, but it was kind of funny how they were acting before hand when they thought they were gonna see each other.

The LA team finally finds a suspect, who ends up not being a suspect, but a big help and who gets stuck with Deeks, which Deeks was not thrilled about at all. But the new guy turned out to be really sweet and helpful and I am so glad he ended up not being the bad guy, but he ended up helping the team catch the bad guys who were going to blow up some big event that was happening.

Another cute Kensi and Deeks moment was when Deeks was taking pictures of himself all fancied up for a party and he sent it to Kensi! Kensi in return sent one to Deeks! I love these little moments that they still give us. 

The guy that helped them with the case has been trying to become an American and I thought it was so sweet at the end when Hetty helped him do that and is helping his family come over as well! It was awesome seeing that at the end. I love those kind of endings. :)

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!