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Person Of Interest "The Perfect Mark" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

At first, I was thinking "Why is Harold seeing a therapist?", but then they clued us in on the fact that this is a new number. He's not just any therapist, he's a hypnotherapist. Also, a con artist. Because he asks certain questions that you'd only need to know for the bank and stuff like that.

So, why is he in trouble? Well, it turns out that one of his clients is also a launderer for HR! Everything seems to roll back to HR right now and that's not a very good thing at all because HR is very scary and you never know who you can trust.

Now they know why this guy is in trouble. He makes it so that the launderer bids on something he wasn't supposed to and ends up getting the real thing, not the fake thing (like they thought) and then sells it at his store without him knowing about it! Somehow Hadden (the number) tracks it down and tries to go about it that way, but it back fires, big time.

Here's something I wasn't seeing coming with this episode. His girlfriend played him the whole time! She's the one who actually took the ball at the end and all that. I'm not sure if she was working for HR or just figured it out to con the con man or what, but yeah, she knew where the real ball was the and tricked Hadden into getting the fake one and all that. Don't worry, Hadden gets out fine, everybody does.

Well, that is, except for Carter's new partner. I feel bad for him and still didn't fully trust him until it was too late. It happens in a shoot out when someone is sent to kill either Carter or her partner, I can't remember who. But it ends in a major shoot out and with one of the HR members going down thanks to Carter, but she wasn't fast enough because her partner died. :( Oh, but Carter now knows who the head of HR is! It was sure a shock to her, seeing as she was just talking to the guy that afternoon.

Root thinks that Harold is jealous that the Machine doesn't talk to him like it talks to her, but I don't think that's what's going on. She also said that there's something major coming. What in the world could it be and why would she know that? I do however, find it weird that the Machine talks to Root as more of a person to person and Harold gets just numbers. Why and how did the Machine learn to do that?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below