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Pretty Little Liars "Close Encounters" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The search for Alison continues and the girls go to the place where they think Alison is at after -A/Ezra took the journal to go look for Alison as well. But they are too late. Or were they? One of the girls thinks the place was a set up, but now I (personally) am not so sure. So, where is Alison now? Did -A take her or did she get out? That's what the girls try to figure out in this new episode.

I don't even know how this could be possible, but Ezra gets creepier and creepier in each episode! This one is definitely the worst yet, in my opinion. Because Aria has finally decided to call it quits with Jake and I was upset over this because I like Jake better. But anyways, she decides to get back with Ezra. Since he's teaching again at her school, they have to go under the radar again. In a way, they are back to where they started, but whatever. Jake witnesses something horrible that had to do with Ezra. Ezra was yelling at some blonde girl in a car and got kind of violent and Jake tells Aria about it and Aria doesn't really believe him, but she out right asks Ezra about it. Man, does she have guts, right? Ezra gets a little caught off guard, but plays it off as Maggie's lawyer. I don't believe him for a second. And now he knows that Jake saw him and decides to hurt Jake! I felt so bad for Jake. First the break up, now he gets stabbed with his punching bag that Ezra put knives into! But now that Ezra knows Jake saw him, could Jake be in more trouble?

Now we find out some stuff about Alison. She wants to meet with just Emily because she only trusts her. But Emily finds out this news from Shana! Can Shana be trusted? At first, I thought "No way" and I was on Spencer's side, but then when the meeting actually took place and we found out that Shana really did know Alison, I'm not suspicious of Shana anymore. Shana had to become friends with Jenna because Jenna is on the top of Alison's list of who might have wanted to kill her. But why doesn't Alison trust any of the other girls? I do believe Spencer at this point where she thinks that Alison was just trying to make Emily feel important to her again. But a little bit of me is not so sure, either. Because Alison honestly looked scared, but then again, it is Alison and she can be pretty convincing sometimes.

Toby finally learns the truth about his mom and Spencer doesn't want to settle. To make this go away, Mr. Hastings has decided to get Toby a big settlement and Spencer doesn't think it's right for Toby to sign. I'm with her, but he signs it anyways! I felt so bad for Spencer in this episode. Everything she tried to help with back fired big time on her. I hope this doesn't mean a break up for my favorite couple, either. :( I could see where Toby was coming from and he just wanted to move on and now he knows that his mom didn't kill herself, but I could see where Spencer is coming from as well because she thinks it's weird that all of the sudden her dad doesn't want to help.

We also learn that Jason could be possibly going into rehab? Why? Is this odd to anybody else? I know he had drinking problems and they say he had a set back, but I'm not sure if we are getting the full story on this.

It was so cute what Ashley did for Hanna! Trying to get her daughter out of her break up slum and brought her to a plate throwing place to let out her anger and it helped big time! Too cute and nice to see Hanna happy again. Hanna also sends a message to Caleb which I think is like a closure message for both of them. Also, major sparks fly between her and Travis. He's a little less suspicious in this episode, but I still don't fully trust him yet.

Now we see -A at someone's locker. I'm not exactly sure what they were doing and I also had a thought. If Ezra really is -A, wouldn't we see his face in these scenes now? That's what they started to do with Toby and Mona and such. Which makes me wonder if perhaps he's not the top guy, but we could be getting close or maybe they are just doing these just to do these?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!