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Pretty Little Liars "Love Shack Baby" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode was a bit more exciting and somewhat creepier then last weeks episode was. Still nothing new on who's in Alison's grave, though. But this time we look further into Alison's journal.

I feel sorry for the girls, especially Hanna, when they start to read the journal and try to decode what Alison was really saying since she changed their names and rewrote the story a little bit. 

Poor Hanna had to deal with a lot in this episode. The break up with Caleb and now having to tell Aria that she made out with her little brother! Hanna never told anybody (but Alison walked in on them) because Alison made Hanna afraid to tell them. Making her think that Aria would stop being friends with her and all that. Aria, of course, didn't, but that's what Alison likes to do. 

I don't have any doubts now, thinking that Ezra is -A with all the creepy stuff he pulled off in this episode! The first creepy thing was him watching the girls at school while they talked about the journal. What's up with that? And couldn't they feel someone watching them? I know I can, but it was just beyond weird. But the kicker for me was when Ezra went to Hanna's house and while Ashley was busy on the phone (I'm thinking it was a diversion made by Ezra), Ezra searched Hanna's room and did something on the computer! What was the point of that? Just trying to figure out where they went or what? Well, he did and learned that they were staying at his cabin after their car broke down (which I'm thinking he had apart in doing) and tried to either hurt the girls or search for something. Well, he ended up just taking the journal. He now knows where Alison could be staying at and I'm also wondering if there's a story in there about him that might have clued the girls in if they read farther into it?

Did I miss something with Cece? I felt like I did because now she's on the run? I thought she got hurt in the struggle with Aria? I'm so confused!

Oh, also, they learn that Toby's mom's death was just an accident! They called it a suicide because there was another witness there that night with her when it happened! That's why Spencer's dad was ignoring Toby all day. He didn't know what to tell him. 

Alison's mom is also asking for Mr. Hastings' help on getting a divorce from her husband! Spencer has a cow. To the point of where she publicly humiliates Alison's mom and Spencer decides to move in with Toby because of all that is happening at her house right now!

Surprise guest is back! Travis! I'm guessing this could be a new possible love interest for Hanna, but for some reason, I'm not trusting him at all. I never really trust a new character on this show until we learn more about them because you never know if they are on the -A team.

I'm assuming at the end, we saw what Ezra was working on when Aria saw him in the classroom and acted all weird when she walked in. -A (who I'm assuming was Ezra) did hack into some GPS (probably the car that they drove down to go see where Alison was at) and was fixing it! 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!