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Pretty Little Liars "Who's In The Box?" (Winter Premiere) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Not a very exciting premiere and we didn't really learn all that much, but I am glad my favorite show is back! Tuesdays just don't seem the same without it. Ok, that sounded lame, but it's kind of true in a weird way. But now I'm back to being behind on Tuesdays again, since everything that's popular plays on that day. What happened to the other days of the week?

Well, enough of that, let's talk about the episode. I am convinced even more now that Ezra is -A or perhaps he could just be on the team, but I'm thinking he's the head guy. How appropriate for him to be discussing Bonnie and Clyde with his class? He is even way more suspicious and creepy in this episode then in the one before this and the Halloween episode! He decided that he had to apologize to Aria about the whole Malcolm thing. Which was good, but I think his intentions were bad. 

Also, someone else who acted very suspicious was Alison's mom! I'm thinking she knows more about Alison then the girls know. Like the fact that she's alive and everything. I always had that feeling right when she said that she sees Alison's in her dreams. Either she is or she says that to the girls to throw them off. Is it weird that Alison's mom changes the sheets and stuff in Alison's room? 

The girls decide (thanks to Hanna - yes Hanna) to look into figuring out who is really in Alison's grave. I'm surprised nobody brought up a twin theory because that would make sense and we'd understand why they thought it was Alison. But the girls go on a search to find out if they can find someone who was missing around the same time. They do and this girl sounded worse then Alison! The one friend was totally scared of the friend that disappeared. That doesn't really help them much, though and so by the end of the episode, nothing is clear as to who's in Alison's grave. 

Mona knows something is up with Ezra. How and when she figured that out, we don't know. But that was a pretty cryptic conversation she had with Ezra. I'm thinking Mona figured out who Ezra is. How she'll deal with this situation, I'm afraid to even think about! You never know how Mona could react to something like this.

The part that creeped me out the most was Aria with Ezra in the very secluded cabin that has no cellphone reception, phone, nothing! A perfect place to do something horrible and no one would ever find it. Or know that they were there seeing as Ezra wants Aria to keep it a secret. My question is, how is Jake gonna feel about this news that Aria is back with Ezra? I'm thinking that Ezra is planning something horrible with Aria. Why else would he look at the trap door and then look up with that weird look on his face at Aria? 

Toby and Spencer are still looking into the death of his mother. They did find someone that knew about it and are trying to get to the bottom of it and then all the sudden, Spencer's dad wants to shut down Radley? How weird was that? He also looked mighty guilty again when Toby just up and started asking the questions. 

I have decided to watch Ravenswood after this episode because I had no clue what Caleb was talking about and why he was being some what jumpy! He left again to go back to Ravenswood because of some promise he made to someone. Hanna thinks it's because he and Miranda are having a secret relationship, but I think she's wrong. Also, Hanna decides to give the journal to her friends. She didn't want to give it to them right away because of the stuff it says about them. I wonder what horrible things she said? Poor girls.

Now we see -A (who I'm thinking is Ezra) walk into the cabin and left up the trap door. However, I don't believe we actually see what's in there. At least, not on my TV because when it comes to dark places on my TV it's harder to see stuff. Don't know why, but it is.

Did you love or hate the winter premiere? Let me know in the comments below!