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Psych "Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode has got to have the longest title known to man! Well, there may be longer titles then this one, but I sure felt like it was long. But that's Psych for you. They hardly ever have short and easy titles for episodes.

I was a little iffy on when this show was coming back for season 8 because honestly, I didn't enjoy season 7 much. But after watching this premiere, my doubts went away! For at least the premiere, I felt like they got back to their roots of when they first started. It was fun, quirky and a lot of awesome jokes throughout the whole thing. Of course, I love Harry Potter, so that helped with a lot of it. But still, it was just awesome and reminded me back when it first started. Also, there's a familiar face back! Despereaux! The question now is, was he really good all along or like Gus, was he bad and just playing them?

So, they get called to London, but just Shawn and Gus and they were specifically called. This is when we learn that perhaps Despereaux was good. He had this clever story all lined up about how he was under cover, blah, blah, blah. Gus was the only one not believing him. I wasn't sure what to think, either, until the very end. Because Despereaux was pretty convincing. But this isn't the first time he's done this.

Anyways, the case is they were trying to find out where this team would hit next so that they could stop them. But in reality, Despereaux just wanted to get there before they hit it up to steal it! Yes, he was bad all along. But we don't figure that out until the very end.

Who loved the amazing Harry Potter stuff in it? I never knew Gus was such a Potter-head! He almost blew the mission at one point because he thought he saw Rupret Grint out and about in the street. Too funny and when Shawn couldn't remember Dumbledore's name was awesome!

We don't see any of the home town, well, the little bit we saw before they left while Shawn was "filling us in". More like Shawn making everything sound better then it actually was. Didn't see Juliet, but we did see Lassiter, whom I had forgotten had gotten demoted last season. That was one thing I was bummed about, is that they didn't do a "previously on". Because I had forgotten about the new chief and that they got demoted. It would have been nice to have had a recap. But whatever.

Oh well, it was still a fun episode. They end up catching the bad guys and that's when you think that Despereaux is actually good, but then at the very, very end when Shawn and Gus are having a meal, you see the guy that was supposedly the head guy of the department that they saw during the whole heist, on the street! Yep, it was all a major con once again by Despereaux. You'd think that Shawn and Gus would stop believing this guy by now. 

Did you love the season premiere? Let me know in the comments below!