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White Collar "Taking Stock" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

At first, I was wondering why Neal was almost trying to talk Peter out of going to Washington. But then I was thinking that perhaps that isn't what he was doing. I think he's gonna miss him and just doesn't want him to go. Then Neal throws something new at Peter! He wants his sentence taken away and only Peter can make that recommendation! Why the sudden interest on wanting to do that? Could this have anything to do with the diamond?

Which Mozzie finally cracks! First, he is upset though that Diana is going back to work and is having to have a babysitter (not him) look after Theo. He takes matters into his own hands and pretends to be a city worker checking on a gas leak and has to take Diana away from work and gets the babysitter so upset that she quits and so Mozzie has to take care of the baby after all! Which, I think, is what Mozzie wanted all along. He's actually pretty good with kids, though I could see why Diana was nervous to leave Theo with Mozzie. But it's because of all this that Mozzie realizes the codex is numbers, not an actual language. Well, it is a language, but it can be decoded into numbers.

I didn't realized I missed Diana until she came back. It's nice to have her back. She is really good at her job. Rebecca gets a phone call from a client (after Peter and Neal finish boxing everything up - it was kind of funny) and since the client doesn't know what Rebecca looks like, Diana goes under cover to try and stop this next attack. 

Very interesting how they went about it. They first have to learn what Rebecca's signal is. So to do this, they have go to the source herself. What are her demands? To see Neal! I'm surprised he kept his cool while going in there, but it was very smart with how he got questions out of her and thanks to Rebecca, Diana gets out of a sticky situation. Though because of Rebecca knowing this, at the end, she blows Diana's cover! Diana gets out fine, though and they get the bad guy.

Peter doesn't believe Neal when he says he'll go good once he's off his sentence and I don't blame Peter for doubting him, either. Especially with the whole diamond thing and I think that that could be partly why Neal wants this gone. But while they are talking, all the phones start ringing in the FBI. What in the world has gone wrong? Rebecca has escaped! And gone to Neal's place and is gonna more then likely hurt Mozzie since she over heard him talking about how he solved the puzzle!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below