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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Seeds" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at you own risk!*

This episode was awesome! But some what a little creepy and it takes a really sci-fi turn. Not that it isn't sci-fi, but it does it more so to the point of it reminding me of an older episode of Smallville.

So, some kids almost get frozen in a pool at some school and the school actually turned out to be the Shield school! Who is attacking students? That's what the team go to figure out, minus Coulson and Melinda. They go to Mexico to track down a lead on Skye's parents.

At first, I was really thinking it a student who could turn water frozen, but it actually just ended up being a machine made by a student, Donny. Who was kind of a loner. First, you thought he was a victim of the attack, but in reality, he was just trying to get Fitz to befriend him so that Fitz could help him build the machine better because Donny and Seth were working for this guy who wanted it. Oh, however, it was cute to see that Fitz and Simmons were really popular in school and are famous at the school and we also learned that there are two different kinds of Shield schools you can go to. One is for computers and such, like the one we saw here and then I guess there's one for fighting and such that Grant went to.

Coulson finds some pretty scary stuff out about Skye. They track down the guy they were looking for and he tells them that the village that Skye came from, was attacked because the agents in the village were protecting Skye and whoever was after Skye, killed everybody! The guy said that death follows this girl and to stay away from her. He almost made it sound like she has some sort of gift, too, if I understood him right. Like, supernatural gift, not computer hacking gift. Melinda wants to keep the secret from Skye, but Coulson didn't like to agree to that too well. He did, but I could tell he didn't like it. During this whole trip, Melinda felt the need to drop the whole "I'm dating Grant" bomb and Coulson who acted like he didn't hear her. He did, though. I still don't like this relationship much. I don't know why. I think I was just taken off guard since I didn't see it coming. Also, there was mention that the girl (I'm thinking Skye) was 0-8-4. Wasn't the second episode called that? I think it's an important/scary number with how they reacted.

Anyways, back to the ice machine that got created thanks to Fitz. I felt bad for him when he realized what he had done. Now the whole school is in danger because Donny and Seth have to do an experiment with it. Which creates a huge ice storm! Poor Donny is freaked out and tries to stop it, but ends up destroying the machine on accident and accidentally killing Seth, too! Poor guy, his only friend at school is dead because of him. They get the storm stopped and get Donny out of there.

Phew, right? Nope, in the very last scene, we see Donny being transported to the place where they wanted him, but more of a watch, not to be apart of anything. Little do they know that Donny is now the ice machine! As far as I could think of, when the blast happened, it probably blasted Donny with the machine and that's how he got the machine in him. So, could this possibly be a new villain coming? This is the part that reminded me of an episode of Smallville.

During all of this, Coulson decides to tell Skye the truth about what he found out. Melinda is furious, but I'm with Coulson, Skye had a right to know. Skye was devastated to learn the news. But Coulson was impressed with her response after she recovered from the shock of the news. She said that she wants to be with the family that she's known and such, which is Shield. She requested some time at the school at the wall of valor and Grant stayed behind with her. Does this mean that she might want to become an agent? 

So, the guy that wanted the ice machine, Coulson called him! And somehow the guy knew that because he knows the psychic they've been looking for! How does everybody seem to know this mysterious psychic and not the Shield team? Who is it? Is it someone they know?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!