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Castle "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Kate visits Castle's old high school when their new case is when a dead high schooler is found and it sure is a weird case!

I knew immediately, that Castle was gonna love this case, since how the student died, was a little "supernatural". This isn't the first time this incident has happened, but it is the first time someone was killed.

Castle, is of course, the first one to say that it's a real life Carrie. It really did seem like that, too. But you know Kate, she has to think logically and digs deep until she finally finds some sort of truth instead of someone being able to move around objects with their mind. 

Some things don't add up to the girl who died, Madison. They found out that she had a bunch of money stored somewhere and then later found stolen pieces! She was stealing high end pieces and actually found some bonds, too! 

I was a little sad with how the case turned out to be, though. The incident that happened with Jordan (was the first suspect since they thought she could move stuff with her mind), turned out to be special effects from her friend, Lucas, who was also involved with the "murder" video of Madison. It turned out to be a fake as well and the murder was the killer's alibi! It turned out to be one of her friends because they were tired of all the pranks with the moving of stuff and the robbing and all that.

As it turns out, we learn that Kate and Castle didn't attend their proms. Kate was because of a rebellion thing she was on. Castle because he was in trouble and couldn't go. It was so sweet at the end when they ended up at the dance and I knew this was gonna happen, too, that he would ask her to go to the dance with him! At this moment, too, is when they finally pick out their song.  That was the wedding debate in this episode. If they really had a song or not and at the beginning, it turns out that they didn't and Kate wants a DJ and not some band who would butcher a song that she loves. Oh, also, this is where Kate tells Castle that they couldn't find any of the ropes or anything that Lucas said he used in the videos for the moving of objects. So, does that mean that he could really move stuff with his mind? I don't know, but I'm sure Castle wanted to find out for sure, though we will probably never know.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!