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Hawaii Five-0 "Pukana (Keepsake)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode made me love this show again! Not that I stopped loving it, but boy was it ever intense! I felt like the show started to lose it's action edge which is one of the main reasons why I loved this show so much, but I feel like with this episode, they finally got it back.

So, a robbery is taking place and the guy is shot by the homeowner. It was odd because all that happened was he looked in the safe. That's it. No struggle, nothing. Weird, right?

Danny is too cute with his daughter. Always doing stuff with her. I love their relationship. This time, it's beach clean up and Grace finds an old box. Danny has a bit of a cow since she didn't have her gloves on. But she really wants to know what's inside and research it. It's too cute when Danny decides to do it for her anyways and asks Charlie to look into it. As it turns out, it came from the big storm that happened in Japan and Charlie found who it belonged to. It was kind of a tragic story. This poor dad was on a business trip when the wave hit and when he returned home, his whole house, family, everything was destroyed! It was so touching at the end when Danny and Grace found the guy and gave him the box and necklace that was inside it.

Let's get back to the case at hand. The weird burglary turned murder which is made even weirder when the FBI show up? Huh? This girl says that the person she's been tracking has had similar kills over the years and has been trying to find the guy ever since. Great, now they have a serial killer. 

To make matters worse (yes, they even get worse then having a serial killer on the lose), is that Chin gets kidnapped by the serial killer! Catherine and Chin split up to search areas that have been robbed lately and Chin comes up to the killers house! First, the guy acts all nice and inviting Chin in to look around. Until it comes time to open his safe. What's up with him? That's when Chin gets kidnapped. By now, we know that the killer likes to cut off a finger for a souvenir and guess what was in the safe? Yep, all those fingers! The minute they said that, I knew what was in the safe and that's why the killer always got so jumpy when people had to look in there. Let me just say, is that I'm glad that they never once showed us what was really inside. But you got what it was from everybody's expressions.

While this killer is hurting Chin, the killer's girlfriend comes along and she gets kidnapped too! Chin is really good at his job, though and gets out of being tied up and Chin and the bad guy fight for a while until the girlfriend (who was very smart in thinking on doing this) was able to get to the gun and throw it over to Chin, so he could shoot the guy! Phew, right? Also, right when the team shows up, too. 

Now we see how they all celebrated their Christmas (yes, I'm still on those episodes, I'm getting really caught up, though!). Steve and Catherine go to Steve's dad's gravesite. Danny and Grace spend it together. Kamokono and Max help serve dinner on the beach and I think that's it. Kind of cute seeing how they each celebrate it. Oh and Chin is reunited with his girlfriend and they spend it together. I always forget he has a girlfriend, since we don't see her much and we hardly ever hear him talk about her.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!