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NCIS: LA "Tuhon" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

We learn what Sam and Callen's first case was in this newest episode when a new murder is tied with their old case. So, they go track down the bad guy to figure out if it was him. Very interesting to learn what their first case was, though and it was funny because Callen said he had a hard time to stop calling Sam, Teddy since that was his undercover name and since they hadn't known each other for a while, either. 

So, did Callen enjoy his blind date? We actually don't really figure that out, but that's the conversation between the two. Sam is trying to figure that news out by texting the girl. All we know is that she's scoring how the date went, but we don't know what the number is.

Nate is back! I miss his character. But I do love the fact that he's in the show once in a while. He's there to help Deeks out because Sam and Callen have to travel to Mexico to figure out Tuhon (their old case) did the murdering. Nate is actually pretty good in his role. I don't know if we've ever really seen him work with a partner in this kind of situation before. But he actually saves the questioning that Deeks was doing because it was getting no where.

I am so glad that even though Kensi is gone, we are still seeing her. She is put in a kind of risky situation when Sabiteno takes her on a drive and questions who she is working for! I have found this guy creepy from the beginning, so I'm not sure what his business is. If he really is the guy they are after or like Granger said, it's not him. But I found it odd that Granger was quick to shut down that idea. Does he know who it is (perhaps it might be Granger himself?) and just wants Kensi to figure it out or what? She's back to square one, but I don't think she should take her eyes off of Sabiteno since he wandered off somewhere to finish something he was doing.

At the end when they were trying to catch the bad guys, I thought for sure that Sam and Callen were walking into a trap with Tuhon when they got to the safe house. As it turns out, Sam and Callen had gone there before hand and had hidden weapons around, so when the bad guys did enter, they would be hit with surprise. Also, we learn that Tuhon is the one who made Kenzi's knife! Deeks is still carrying it around for her and Tuhon sees it. Tuhon was not the bad guy, but I can't remember who it was. Oops.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!